List of 100 fastest growing cities in the US (2019)
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US has around 19500 incorporated cities across the country. The cities ranges in sizes from a few people to millions of people. For cities that are of a reasonable size, a metric that is more interesting than the actual size of the city is the rate at which the city is growing. The rate indicates whether such a city is a good target for finding businesses that are growing and making money. Here is the list of the 100 fastest growing cities in the US for all cities that are greater than 50,000 people in size. The data is based of the 2017 census data and estimates for populations from the previous 2010 census data

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Rank City State Population 5 Year Growth (%)
1Frisco cityTexas17728627.54
2Georgetown cityTexas7068525.69
3New Braunfels cityTexas7915223.04
4Ankeny cityIowa6241622.52
5South Jordan cityUtah7095421.21
6McKinney cityTexas18133020.86
7San Marcos cityTexas6307120.83
8Doral cityFlorida6113020.72
9Buckeye cityArizona6845320.51
10Dublin cityCalifornia6093919.95
11St. Cloud cityFlorida5128219.94
12Apex townNorth Carolina5045119.71
13Cedar Park cityTexas7570418.72
14Meridian cityIdaho9992618.57
15Castle Rock townColorado6227618.14
16Lehi cityUtah6271218.13
17Fort Myers cityFlorida7994318.02
18Pflugerville cityTexas6335917.97
19Conroe cityTexas8437817.95
20Bonita Springs cityFlorida5608817.35
21Mount Pleasant townSouth Carolina8666817.32
22Irvine cityCalifornia27745317.3
23Pearland cityTexas11994017.08
24Bend cityOregon9452016.89
25Murfreesboro cityTennessee13637216.49
26League City cityTexas10490315.84
27Franklin cityTennessee7832115.37
28Lake Elsinore cityCalifornia6641115.33
29Goodyear cityArizona7985815.1
30Leesburg townVirginia5421514.95
31Brentwood cityCalifornia6243314.16
32College Station cityTexas11356413.91
33Round Rock cityTexas12367813.86
34Broomfield cityColorado6834113.82
35Mansfield cityTexas6892813.5
36Apopka cityFlorida5156413.36
37Parker townColorado5420213.3
38Commerce City cityColorado5592313.25
39Pleasanton cityCalifornia8300712.99
40Caldwell cityIdaho5466012.81
41Henderson cityNevada30253912.64
42Cape Coral cityFlorida18336512.4
43Seattle cityWashington72474512.25
44Huntersville townNorth Carolina5621212.23
45Redmond cityWashington6429112.06
46Midland cityTexas13608912
47Gilroy cityCalifornia5766411.98
48Greenville citySouth Carolina6821911.93
49Cary townNorth Carolina16590411.88
50Summerville townSouth Carolina5038811.83
51Jupiter townFlorida6497611.82
52North Port cityFlorida6630011.8
53Eastvale cityCalifornia6321111.7
54Milpitas cityCalifornia7810611.65
55Flower Mound townTexas7668111.62
56West Des Moines cityIowa6560811.4
57Bradenton cityFlorida5650811.4
58Port St. Lucie cityFlorida18934411.25
59Richardson cityTexas11678311.24
60St. George cityUtah8440511.1
61Casa Grande cityArizona5547711.09
62Edinburg cityTexas9028010.97
63Chino cityCalifornia8979710.96
64Gilbert townArizona24235410.92
65Bismarck cityNorth Dakota7286510.89
66Auburn cityAlabama6397310.85
67Concord cityNorth Carolina9206710.83
68Orlando cityFlorida28025710.8
69Allen cityTexas10068510.77
70Fort Worth cityTexas87416810.65
71Kissimmee cityFlorida7110410.64
72Boca Raton cityFlorida9815010.63
73Noblesville cityIndiana6188210.6
74Rogers cityArkansas6643010.57
75Palm Coast cityFlorida8651610.52
76Manteca cityCalifornia7926810.49
77Nampa cityIdaho9359010.43
78Durham cityNorth Carolina26774310.42
79Fishers cityIndiana9183210.36
80Menifee cityCalifornia9059510.27
81Grapevine cityTexas5398210.19
82Miami cityFlorida46334710.18
83Coeur d'Alene cityIdaho5066510.18
84Scottsdale cityArizona24995010.15
85Layton cityUtah7669110.14
86Austin cityTexas95071510.14
87Hillsboro cityOregon10689410.08
88Clovis cityCalifornia10969110.07
89Denver cityColorado70462110.05
90Fayetteville cityArkansas852579.93
91Fargo cityNorth Dakota1223599.91
92Charlotte cityNorth Carolina8590359.87
93Boynton Beach cityFlorida777029.86
94Port Orange cityFlorida632039.82
95Lakeville cityMinnesota637489.82
96Greeley cityColorado1054489.77
97Fort Collins cityColorado1650809.73
98Coconut Creek cityFlorida610109.69
99Sioux Falls citySouth Dakota1768889.67
100Tampa cityFlorida3854309.58

Download the full list of 19500 cities



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