Process of Managing, Accounting and Documenting CDRequests

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Request CD/DVD is a service rendered by Zyxware Technologies as a step to promote the use of various Free and Open Source Softwares (FOSS) and GNU/Linux. This service allows people with bandwidth limitations to order Free Software CDs and DVDs from us. We will download the software, if we do not already have the software, and send it to the customer by VPL. The following are the different steps involved in the process.

1) Confirmation of Request by Customer: When a person places a request, the system will send an auto generated mail back to the person with details regarding the request placed like details entered, applications requested and also with an estimated cost. The customer will have to click on the confirmation link and confirm the request before the system needs to process it further.

2) Downloading the software: Once the person confirms the request, the person in charge of the web system should process the request. If the software is not already present in the Zyxware repository, the person in charge of the web system should prepare a list of such software and give it to the person in charge of software downloads to be downloaded and added to the Zyxware repository.

3) Preparing the list of requests and manually confirming the order: The approved requests should then be processed by the person in charge of preparing the CDs and DVDs. This person should write down contents of the request list to the CD Request Call Log. This person should call each contact and confirm the following:

  • Name and complete address with PIN
  • List of software requested
  • Total cost including media and shipping
  • Confirmation regarding payment and shipping

If the contact could not be reached by phone then alternative methods like sms and email should be used to try to reach the customer.

4) Preparing the CDs, DVDs and package: The person in charge of burning the CDs and DVDs should burn CD/DVDs of confirmed requests and prepare the CD Mailer envelopes. The mailer envelope should contain:

  • Recipient name.
  • Recipient address.
  • VPL amount on the top of the envelope.
  • Company address stamp on the backside.

Enter details into the money order form:

  • Recipient name and address
  • Sender's name
  • Address
  • Amount

Before despatch, enter details into Request CD shipping log. This log contains details of only those requests that are being sent. It should contain the following:

  • Date
  • Request ID
  • Name and Place of the recipient
  • Estimated Shipping cost

5) Mailing the Package and Recording the actual costs: Once the CDs/DVDs are created and packed into envelopes, they should be handed over to the person in charge of despatch. This person should take the packages to the post office for shipping. The person should also collect and submit the receipt to the person in charge of writing the CDs/DVDs who will record the VPL amount and actual shipping cost. Also mark the request as 'Sent' in the online system.

6) Receiving Payments and recording Receipts: When we receive the payments through VPL, the person in charge of CD Requests should:

  • Note payee's name and paid amount in the CD Request Log.
  • Sign and put company seal onto the money order form brought by the post-man.
  • In the online system, record the request as 'Paid' with date. Also record the amount received.
  • Record an entry in the cash book as payment received against CD Request and note the CD Request ID

7) Updating details in the online Request CD system.: The status of the request should be updated at each stage of the process. From the point the request is approved to the point when the cash is received or the package gets returned, the information has to be updated at each stage by the corresponding person in charge. Any piece of information should be entered into the system as soon as the information becomes available.

8) Accounting the sales and receipts: At the end of every month, collectively generate a cash receipt towards CD or DVD sales against one single sale entry and update the details in the Sales Register. Include the total number of CDs and DVDs sold in the single sale entry and correspondingly enter the cost of the CDs/DVDs charged in the sale bill. Also generate a service order entry corresponding to the postal charges and create a combined receipt against the service order and the sale bill. The receipt amount should tally against the sum of the sale bill and the service order for the CD Requests.

9) Accounting returned packages: When a shipment returns unclaimed, the following steps are to be followed:

  • Mark unclaimed against the corresponding name in Request CD shipping log.
  • Send an email to the person informing him about the details and ask for confirmation if he wants it to be re-send.
  • Call the person and confirm the reason for not accepting the shipment.
  • If he asks to send again, inform him the following
    • Previous shipping cost will be added to the current cost.
    • Ask him to deposit the amount in our ICICI bank account.
    • Once the payment is cleared, send it via courier
    • Update in Request CD shipping log
    • Record the Reason for repeated shipping in the remarks column
  • If he declines to pay the amount, blacklist his name and send an email informing him about it.