Disadvantages Of Proprietary Software
BY Aswathi Krishna
2 weeks ago

Until a couple of decades ago ‘software’ was synonymous with the popular ‘proprietary software’ that is copyrighted and available under license. Now the trend has changed! In the current IT scenario where digital transformation and cybersecurity hang over our heads like the Damocles’ sword, open source software is gaining acceptance.

According to CB Insights’ Market Sizing tool the open-source services industry is expected to reach nearly $33B by 20221. Reiterating the trend recently the US government showed their interest in open source software. What do you think would be the reason for this change? Instead of looking for the advantages of open source software let us look for the disadvantages of proprietary software.

Disadvantages of Proprietary Software

  • Proprietary Software is Not Free

Licensing fee is the major disadvantage of proprietary software. Even though it comes up with greater innovations you need to pay to get access to the complete software. The software is developed, tested and owned by the creator not by the public. Since people are concerned about their money it is no wonder that they go for cost effective alternatives like open source or free source software.

  • Limited Customization

Individuals are different so their tastes vary from one another. But softwares like Windows, MacOS, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and much more are developed for many users and most of the time it fails to meet individual needs. Several features may be pointless to the customer but they are not allowed to create a version or edit it using the source code. The source code is not publicly available. All the modifications can be done only by the closed team of creators. Here customers need to adjust their requirements to the available options.

  • Updates May Be Expensive

Several updates are available but not free of cost. While renewing, a surprising price hike can be expected. Not updating the software is not going to save you money. Lack of proper updates brings potential risks to your day to day operations. Outdated versions may not get support and technical assistance from the creator.

  • Security Issues

If the software developer company goes out of business then the cyber security will be at risk. Support might not be easily available and timely updates will not be done. You will totally depend on the creators to maintain the software. But the story is different for Drupal users. Timely intervention to tackle security issues keeps the website secure from potential threats.

  • Limited To Single Network Or Computer

You need a valid license to use the software. Unless the license allows it you are not permitted to use the software in any other systems or devices. Even though you bought the software you are not permitted to copy or distribute it to anyone.


Now you know why finding an appropriate software demands your time and research. Next time, before grabbing a proprietary software, you need to ask yourself a very important question. ‘Are you choosing the right one?’ When open source softwares like Drupal is at your disposal, how can you go for something else? With continuous innovation, flexibility and scalability Drupal offers a rich digital experience to its users. All your queries on Drupal get answered at Zyxware Technologies, leading Drupal service provider. Zyxware Technologies has executed and delivered more than 200 Drupal projects over the last 13 years!