Drupal as an Enabler of Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is the defining feature of this era. If you want your business enterprise to establish its online presence and take full advantage of the latest digital technology you need Drupal for your web development needs. Drupal is a content management system that provides the back-end framework for 13% of the top 10,000 websites worldwide and is extensively used by corporations, governments, and businesses looking to ensure a fast and smooth user experience on their websites for an enhanced and integrated user engagement experience.

Transform your Digital Presence with Drupal

Drupal is the go-to choice for corporations, educational institutes, governments, and many more entities looking to build their online presence. The ease of usage that is inherent to Drupal along with its remarkable CMS framework allows you to curate and manage all your content in one place while ensuring compatibility and accessibility to all platforms from mobile devices to information kiosks.

Drupal allows for the integration of web properties with your company software allowing you to seamlessly transition your content between them. You can rely on Drupal to take care of your content management needs with its strong front-end website support that translates into a faster loading time for the landing page and gives users an integrated experience. Drupal 9, the latest version, has done away with deprecated code and hence made the website lightning fast with faster loading times for modules and third-party integrations creating a unique user experience for your site visitors resulting in users staying longer and thus increasing the chances of converting clicks to actual customers.

Its multichannel capabilities allow you to control content over multiple platforms where once you have created content, it can be easily shared across platforms, and with the compatibility of your website for various platforms, it creates a comprehensive digital experience for the users without comprising the performance of the website.



How does Drupal Help you?

Drupal has been designed keeping in mind the global nature of business enterprises today and as such provides multilingual support to allow users to visit your website in their native language increasing user engagement. Drupal enables you to host multiple copies of your website from a single code all of which have their own databases and related framework. This shared code makes it so that you can modify all the websites in one go by simply modifying the source code.

This shared code multisite system allows for fast distribution and optimization of standardized features and modules across websites. You can manage multiple systems by signing in just once. Drupal reduces your costs as a single CMS allows you to author content for all your platforms thus reducing training costs. You have access to advanced media management and content hosting options that greatly improve the quality of your content and in turn, your website. You can change things immediately and manage your own sections with personalized content.

Another capability offered by Drupal is how easy it is to share content on multiple channels and platforms. Your content is automatically made compatible with mobile devices, apps, different websites, and even information kiosks making your reach truly universal. The API helps you to pull external content for specially designed front-end apps that further improve user experience. One of the biggest advantages that Drupal has is the decoupled CMS that separates the front-end framework from the back-end framework. The front-end communicates with the backend through an API and once any changes are made on the back-end the same is communicated through the API to the front-end. This results in much faster loading speeds and performance as instead of updating a “coupled” CMS wherein both the back-end and front-end are joint together the changes are only made to the back-end saving loading times. This approach is much more secure as the separation provides an added layer of security. This also allows for easier third-party integrations which are much less disruptive to web development.

Why should you Prefer Drupal Over other Platforms

Offers world-class web development options with continuous developer support, security patches, critical updates, and new modules that ensure that you always have the ability to improve user engagement on your website. The content management system is constantly evolving and providing you newer and better ways to manage and publish your content across multiple channels from a single platform. Some of the defining features of Drupal are listed below:

  • Drupal is a Free and Open Source software which means there is no licensing cost. It also means developers all over the world are constantly fixing bugs, posting modules, and providing easy third-party integration to make your website as accessible and integrated as possible. The platform is vendor-neutral and as such, there is no one organization that completely controls it and therefore, the platform even in the future remains free and community-driven making it one of the most secure CMS platforms out there. You also get access to a large number of community-developed modules that add functionality to your website and you can keep adding as many modules as you need to ensure the smooth performance of your website.
  • Drupal receives regular security updates and patches that ensure that your website and its integration with your company software ecosystem are always secure. You can easily find modules that are cleared by the security team to be used for web development and content creation.
  • Drupal provides easy scalability solutions for your business. You can build and maintain re-usable modules and other components and the available framework is highly scalable in nature.
  • Using Drupal for your websites will significantly bring down your overhead maintenance costs as a single source code can be used by your web developers to maintain and update all your websites.

Only the Best

In case you are still skeptical of whether Drupal is truly what you are looking for and whether it will be able to satisfy your digital technology needs, here are some case studies to help you make a decision.

  • Nestle Purina overhauled their entire web development and properties to Drupal 8. The Single Sign-On feature along with its e-Commerce integration capabilities has helped them integrate their web properties with their corporate software ecosystem.
  • Warner Music Group, home to some of the biggest music artists in the world, relies on Drupal to host multi-sites and moderate standard content throughout all its platforms and sites.
  • INSEAD uses Drupal as their preferred platform for integrating web properties on their website and web portal and enhances the user experience for all its departments.
  • The Government of Bhutan uses Drupal to create a multilingual and multisite platform that is used to create websites for its local bodies. The government is thus able to maintain all its multilingual websites as well as launch new ones without adding any maintenance costs.

In conclusion, Drupal has truly captured the modern needs of business enterprises, government bodies as well as corporations alike and provides digital technology features that can truly aid your digital transformation and make user engagement a much better experience.


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