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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, businesses had a taste of what the future would look like. With platform-based services and related ecosystems taking over the world and our way of life, there has been little doubt about what business enterprises needed to do to keep up with the changing times. After the pandemic disrupted the normal way of life and businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and government departments alike had to look for digital solutions to carry on functioning, it became quite clear that we are already behind schedule on digital transformation.
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A majority of people still look at Linux as something where you have to type everything in consoles, where view documents in consoles and runs applications from consoles. This was the case several years ago. Not anymore. Desktop Linux has arrived. Almost all the major distros(distributions) come with at least one of the many window managers (the graphical user interface you see as the desktop) available in the OSS marketplace. Each distribution differs from others in one way or other; some for the better while some for the worse.
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Freelance projects fall into a separate category of projects in that they target independent developers and are inherently smaller in size. The company/person giving the project, might not require to engage a larger company for the project because of the size of the project or, might be doing it just to cut costs. In either case the likelyhood that the project is based on a popular open source solution is very high. This likelihood is confirmed from the high percentage of OSS applications related freelancing projects available in all the freelancing sites.