What makes Drupal special?

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If your agenda is to build a new web project, real quick and real fast, Drupal, the open source platform for web content management, is the one that you should embrace. Drupal has powered millions of websites across the virtual universe inclcuding those of large organizations including the White House, Economist, Al Jazeera and World Economic Forum. With a large number of Drupal themes and modules freely available, you are guaranteed to rush through your web project in a flash.

Let us look at the top reasons that makes Drupal a preferred choice of web developers:

Drupal CMS is completely secure: Drupal is high on the security premise due to the regular flow of security patches and subsequent updates. This keeps your website safe from online code exploits. The intense scrutinizing by the Drupal community is one of the primary reasons that the White House shifted to Drupal. Need we say more?

Drupal is completely free: It simply means that you don't have to pay any fee nor any binding licences for proprietary reasons. Installing CMS files is all that is required to put this Drupal show on the road.

Scalability & Flexibility: Some of the most popular, high-traffic websites including the White House, Nascar, Grammys and many more proudly run on the Drupal framework. A major benefit of Drupal is its scalability, and it is really no big deal if you are at 10 pages at the start of the project and jump to 10000 pages. It’s easy to change the Security and Performance parameters from the Admin console itself.

Themes and modules: Innovatively designed, feature-rich templates of Drupal are developed by the large community of theme developers and helps you customize the colour schemes, fonts, layouts and graphics to suit your brand identity.

Due to the use of Rapid and Agile Web 2.0 development, you have the best in blog and page publishing. Content management user login modules help you reduce the development time from days to hours. Now isn’t that amazing?

Websites HAVE to be mobile friendly and hence business owners have the mandate to have a mobile strategy in place. Drupal development makes it easier to put one in place. Base themes like Omega or Adaptive can be used to kick-start this and front-end developers can customize it further.

Today’s business is all about selling your stuff on the online store. Giving a seamless, end-to-end store experience to your users and customers is now possible. With Drupal modules, it becomes easier to build customized E-commerce solutions. Integrating various services into your website also becomes pretty easy and fast.

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