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| 13 min read
Digital transformation is the defining feature of this era. If you want your business enterprise to establish its online presence and take full advantage of the latest digital technology you need Drupal for your web development needs. Drupal is a content management system that provides the back-end framework for 13% of the top 10,000 websites worldwide and is extensively used by corporations, governments, and businesses looking to ensure a fast and smooth user experience on their websites for an enhanced and integrated user engagement experience. Transform your Digital Presence with Drupal Drupal is the go-to choice for corporations, educational institutes, governments, and many more entities looking to build their online presence.
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| 9 min read
Being one of the few comprehensive CMS’ available today, Drupal continues to be the most preferred brand for building websites. From personal blogs to high-security government sites, Drupal is the favored choice when it comes to building high-performance websites. To date, Drupal powers over 2.2% of the websites running globally. However, there are several tweaks and tips that you can make use of to enhance the site performance and offer a better user experience for online visitors.
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Website optimization is an important yet frequently overlooked component of web development and maintenance. In fact, quite often, the term ‘website optimization’ is confused with search engine optimization. Website optimization includes server-side optimization, assets optimization, and platform optimization.