Reaching for the stars...

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I am delighted to see that a newsletter has been started in Zyxware. This will be one more medium for exchange of ideas apart from the skype and whatsapp groups that are already there in Zyxware. Hopefully, we will be able to create more forums, including focused groups, that will make Zyxware a vibrant and creative place bustling with ideas.

I thank the contributors to this newsletter for their efforts. These writings are more about triggering a thought process and it would be enriched with your feedback and discussions around them. I would urge Lijo to consider putting together an internal wiki or discussion board for this.

Over the last few months in Zyxware, we have taken time out to look at the wide world of web technology and then decide on a path for Zyxware for the next five years. We have now engaged an external consultant to help us wrap up this exercise with a definitive documentation of our strategy by middle of December. In some ways, this represents a significant shift in Zyxware because this is the first time we are looking at the world outside comprehensively and trying to position ourselves accordingly. In 2006, we did undertake an exercise to evaluate the different web technologies that were out there. The choice of Drupal was a result of that exercise. This time, the difference is that we are looking at a wider horizon and are evaluating our options against an objective of Rs.100 crores and a timeline of 5 years.

We are assessing the trends in technology, people, client side requirements, revenue models, organisation structure and much more. Mobility and analytics are changing the way people use technology. Cloud, with SaaS and PaaS, have changed the way technology is delivered. While India still continues to lead in global delivery model for technology services, it is facing competition from East Asia. Drupal itself is undergoing dramatic changes with Drupal 8 being an entry into the world of enterprise applications. It is important that we develop the skill to continuously assess our dynamic environment and position ourselves carefully.

As we look at this world outside, we must not lose sight of looking inward as well. Accumulating more skill sets in technology and management, developing fair relationships with clients and internal delivery quality drive are important initiatives we are undertaking. We must also take a deeper look at our project portfolio, identify our strengths in some of the emerging areas listed above and build on what we have. Yes, we have built a SaaS. We are capable of Cloud Computing Services!

Apart from the web applications development business, there is news from the IT Infrastructure Solutions business as well. With stronger leadership and more focused efforts, we are making inroads into the government organisations for Free Software consultancy and migration support. The engagement with Kerala Legislative Assembly was just the beginning. We are looking at working with Kerala Civil Supplies, Kerala Police amongst others. Interestingly, the world has moved in a direction where we could see our IT Infrastructure Solutions as a complementary service to the clients of Web Applications business in the not too distant future.

All in all, I see the times ahead as challenging and exciting. Come December middle, we will have defined our strategy in concrete terms and we will be setting ourselves on a wonderful journey. It is one where we will have to continuously interact with the emerging technologies and business models and stay on top of the game. It is the kind of experience that makes one a true professional.