Is website maintenance really important?

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Most people have the notion that a website is a one-time investment, and once it’s up and running, it needs no attention. Like a regular shop, which after being set up, needs proper maintenance - frequent cleaning, painting, occasionally replacing sign boards, broken windows and damaged objects and so on - a website also needs regular maintenance.The more time and expertise you invest into your website, the better it becomes.

Here, we have listed out 5 reasons to show the importance of web maintenance.

Customer experience: One of the major objectives of a business website is to ensure a great user experience, which leaves the visitor with a lasting impression of the company and it’s service. A well-maintained website not only generates new visitors but also makes the existing ones revisit the site frequently to find out what’s new. Routinely add new content including text and images that are related to your field, check that contact forms work, address and phone number listings are correct, and products, services and price lists are up to date.

Search Engine Optimization: A well-maintained website gets better rankings on search engines, which in turn produces more traffic, more leads and ultimately brings in more revenue for the company.

Corporate image: Your website reflects your corporate image. A website which is not properly maintained will have an adverse impact on your organization. Broken links, bad reports, dead pages etc on your website can scar your corporate image.

Content Updates: Search engines have a significant influence on your website. Hence you need to show search engines that your website is active. Blogging is a good way of doing this, but it might not be enough. It would be good to make minor changes to the static pages of your website.

Technology Update: Most websites nowadays are constructed using a content management system. It is important to keep your content management software updated for several reasons such as better security, search engine ranks, and for the overall functioning of your website.