6 Features Found in Successful Ecommerce Sites
BY Geethu.M
3 years ago
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Shopping can be done in multiple ways and online shopping, in particular, has become an intuitive process. Online shoppers take seconds rather than minutes to decide on a purchase. Therefore the objective of the e-commerce site’s design should be to help navigate the shoppers to get what they want fast and effortlessly.

For running a successful E-commerce website, there are few essentials which should be taken care of when creating it. Online stores should be designed to sell. Elegance can be achieved in a good design without sacrificing simplicity and ease of use.

Building trust and gaining loyalty plays an important role in the growth of a strong business. For that design the online store in such a way that the customers get all the information they will want on the same page or just a click away. Customers have all the right to know about the products they wish to buy, its review or about the guarantee and warranty period or about the payment process etc.
Here are some key points to consider in an e-commerce site.

Features To Improve Web-Store Usability

There are few features which can improve the web-store usability. They are:

Clean & Clear Logo

A remarkable and easy to remember logo is a business card for every online store. A logo is an element of trust of an organization and it is very important in an online shopping site.



Trust Marks

Trust marks are small logos or seals that a reputable external agency gives as an assurance to the customers regarding the trustworthiness and security of the e-commerce store.

Some of these trust marks come from McAfee, Verisign, TRUSTe, Geo Trust, etc.

Such certification gives customers the confidence and a feeling of security about the reputation of the site, especially when divulging private credit card information.


Brand Products

Always showcase branded products which are on sale in the homepage itself as it can attract the viewers. Keep 'shop by brands' option in a prominent place as it helps the customer find the targeted products.




Free Shipping & Deals

Customers are in general attracted to deals and offers displayed on the homepage especially free shipping. Customers always revisit sites that have more discounts and free shipping options.



Store Finder

Online retailers have a store locator tab when they have several local or national outlets. Some customers may prefer to pick up the purchased product from a nearby delivery centre or store. A special store finder search box for country, city, or address can be made for the store which has a country wide trade network.



Payment System

Customers tend to have their own preferred mode of payment systems. Some E-commerce websites disallow international credit cards due to technical legalities. Most online stores use debit card, credit card, COD, Paypal as their payment system options.


If you are planning to build an e-commerce site, it is quintessentiall to have these key features on it. Online shoppers prefer user-friendly E-commerce sites with all these basic features bringing them back again and again. Zyxware Technologies has helped build many successful e-commerce portals for our clients in the B2C and B2B categories. To know more, get in touch with us!

Essentials for an e-commerce site



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