Senior Manager, Technical Solutions (TA012008)

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Zyxware Technologies is a leading digital solutions provider with a global footprint. We are in the business of building elegant digital platforms for medium to large enterprises through our presence in the US, Australia, and India. Zyxware’s prime USP is our engineering capability and an understanding of the possibilities of ‘Digital’. We offer Digital Consulting Services, Platform Engineering Services, and Digital Impact Services as part of our services portfolio to our clients.

We are looking for talented and experienced solutions architects to build world-class technical solutions (in digital, eCommerce, web, and mobile platforms) with   open source technologies and any of the emerging technologies. The work involves providing technical leadership, developing technical solutions and specifications from business requirements, guide technical solution teams to the design and development stage. The selected candidate has the flexibility to work remotely.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Partner with the digital marketing team and engineering teams to maintain a cohesive design and experience throughout our product, providing expertise and mentorship.
  • Must be demonstrably proficient as a hands-on architect in open source platforms and in any of the emerging technologies.
  • Hands-on with learning initiatives and with any one of the commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify or other eCommerce engines like Commerce Kickstart etc.
  • Development Experience with PHP, Drupal, Python or Java or Laravel, Go, PostgreSQL or MySQL, GNU/Linux OS and tools etc.
  • Strong understanding in HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular 6/7, Symfony, React JS, Node etc.
  • Knowledge of Drush or Drupal Console, Druml, Coder, Masquerade, Hacked, CI/ CD Pipeline, Cloud architecture etc.
  • Good understanding of clean coding best practices and coding patterns.
  • Ability to articulate, participate in code reviews, pair program with peers, discuss/propose solution options and do spikes with newer tools and technologies if needed.
  • Hands on with BDT/ TDD and in any of the Unit test platforms.
  • Good knowledge of cloud technologies, Micro-services, Web services, RESTful API’s.
  • Strong drive and ability to play and learn newer technology stacks and adopt/integrate as needed into existing platform.
  • Attending technical sessions with client’s technical teams to capture the requirements, identify and sell the best solutions having the architecture robustness to extend them for future easy updates/ migration.
  • Ensure the technical quality of the development by implementing coding best practices, automated developer unit testing, encouraging pair programming, BDT, TDD, performing code reviews on every project executed by the team.
  • Ensure Technical objectives such as implementing reusable component development approach is implemented across organization with proper documentation and encouraging teams to update knowledge portal with the findings.
  • Ability to provide technical consultation to presales, solutions team and help them build the solution, estimates, develop case studies from projects executed for helping sales.
  • Technical guidance and mentoring/ coaching of developers in technical issues and implementing technical roadmaps, complex project requirements, processes (waterfall/agile/ hybrid) etc.
  • Ability to define technical strategy for large project covering choice of framework to use and its version, selection of contributed modules and prepare technical architecture and design documents.
  • Ability to audit and review projects and prepare improvement plans.
  • Ability for security and performance review and suggest measures to improve.
  • Technical Audit - Ensure the technical quality of the project by regularly reviewing code and audit the project proactively.
  • Set Technical objectives to the projects - Identify reusable components in a project and take initiative to get that documented as well as used in other projects. Requirements, technical design and estimation.
  • Ability to talk to a client and capture the requirements, prepare technical notes and estimation for that.
  • Ability to provide consultation for the clients and help them build the solution.
  • Technical Help and mentoring – Ability to help and mentor developers in technical issues.
  • Reviews others' system design to ensure selection of appropriate technology, efficient use of resources, and integration of multiple systems and technology. Establishes policy for selection of architecture components. Ensures that the system architecture balances functional, service quality, and systems management requirements.
  • Reviews others' system design to ensure selection of appropriate technology, efficient use of resources, and integration of multiple systems and technology. Establishes policy for selection of architecture components. Ensures that the system architecture balances functional, service quality, and systems management requirements.



What makes you a good fit for this role?

  • Thorough understanding of digital solutions, web application development concepts, processes and platforms.
  • Thorough understanding of programming concepts and practices.
  • 10+ years work experience in developing web development applications using open source softwares, 3+ years of experience as an architect.
  • Expertise in PHP, Python, Laravel and in any of the emerging technologies.
  • Good understanding of GNU/Linux OS and tools.
  • Good knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript (Vue, Reactjs, Angular etc.).
  • Familiarity with web application development frameworks like Spring, Symfony, Drupal, android and ios development.
  • Experience with the implementation of Varnish, Solr, Elasticsearch, e Commerce etc.
  • Good understanding of CI/CD Pipelines and tools like (jenkins, chef, Dockers, Vagrants, Junit, cucumber, GitLab, JIRA, static code analyzer tools, automated testing tools like selenium, appium etc, ELK stack etc).
  • Good understanding of cloud environment : AWS, Azure,Google Cloud DigitalOcean etc.
  • Good communication skills and strong problem solving skills.
  • Ability to build and sustain good relationships with clients/project managers and colleagues.
  • Ability to gather and assimilate information.
  • Up to date knowledge of technical applications.
  • Good knowledge of quality standards and best practice.
  • Ability to adapt and prioritise.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems, issues and solutions.

Additional Competencies

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities
  • Adaptability and able to tolerate stress
  • Client management capabilities with leadership traits
  • Experience in Agile methodologies, such as Scrum and in building Continuous Delivery, High Availability designs and technologies with DevOps

Perks, Benefits Culture

  • You make your way in Zyxware. you should be a self-starter and be smart in solving your own challenges (and should help others in overcoming theirs)
  • At all levels people come together and work towards achieving a goal
  • Zyxware believes in providing growth opportunities to all its employees. Thereby developing the individuals throughout the period spent here
  • In Zyxware, everyone gets an opportunity to work with the leaders and hence gets various opportunities to learn
  • Zyxware sponsors all required trainings & certifications for upscaling individuals
  • The work culture in Zyxware is Open. This means that you can be vocal about your ideas and opinions irrespective of the hierarchies
  • Zyxware has flexible work timings
  • Zyxware covers all employees under health Insurance benefit.

If you meet the above requirements, please mail in your resume with the subject 'Application for the post of ‘Senior Manager, Technical Solutions' to [email protected]