Writing strategies to drive more traffic to your blog

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The one thing that all bloggers want is to boost traffic to their blog. However, everyone does not have the appropriate online writing strategies. Blogging can be a really tough job. It requires a lot of time, money, and considerable experience to create a business blog that people like to read and follow. Moreover, you have to deal with a lot of competition.

So, how do you improve traffic to your blog and generate more leads and sales?

Given below are some of the writing strategies you can use to boost traffic on your blog:

Optimizing old blog posts: It is essential that every post on your blog is completely search engine optimized. Over/under optimization can have a damaging impact on your rankings and traffic. You should check for URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, as well as keyword density and links. And most importantly, ensure that the content in the blog post is still relevant.

Update frequently: Every blog post offers you the opportunity to increase your rankings and drive more traffic to your website. Hence, it is always better to add more content. You should have at least three blogs per week. A small-sized business should be blogging once a week.

Response posts: Another appropriate way to boost blog traffic is to write posts that specifically address the topics and issues on your blog.

Commenting on other blogs: Commenting on other blogs related to your industry can drive targeted traffic. Usually, visitors read the comments that are given below the blog posts and will click on the commentator’s site if they happen to come across one that is really interesting. So, if you want to attract readers, you should leave comments that are thought-provoking and enticing. Leave your blog’s URL in the comment. Get popular bloggers to guest post on your blog. This will help to save a considerable amount of time and money, since you do not have to outsource the blog post. The guest blogger will share the content with his or her readers, which will drive a lot more traffic to your blog.

Headlines: The headline is the most crucial element in the blog post. Headlines should be effective and capture the attention of the reader.

Mention influencers: Always make sure that you mention influencers in your posts. If you list out the experts, blogs or resources in your specific industry vertical and turn it into a high-quality blog post, your visitors as well as search engines will truly appreciate it. If the blog post is useful, it will get a lot of shares and you would get lots of traffic to your website.

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