Zyxware Technologies: Finalist in 2017 Acquia Engage Awards
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On Monday, August 14 2017, Acquia announced the finalists for the 2017 Acquia Engage Awards in the 17 categories listed including Digital Experience, Brand Experience, Commerce etc. Zyxware Technologies takes pride in being named a finalist in the category of Commerce for our work on Audeze.

Audeze, manufacturer and seller of high fidelity headphones are worthy partners who know the significance of the digital market and the value of a highly visible and user centric website. Zyxware Technologies partnered with Audeze to build a robust ecommerce portal and thus expand the scope of business to an international arena.

The 80 finalists this year were chosen from the 200 partners and customer submissions. The finalists were chosen by a panel of experts from the nominations based on visual design, functionality, integration and overall experience.

Sasa Zelenovic of Acquia stated, “This year’s batch of finalists doesn’t disappoint, and put forth the most competitive field of nominees to date.” adds credibility to the quality of the projects submitted.The Acquia Engage Awards are a recognition of the great sites and digital experiences that organizations are building with the Acquia Platform. Read more

We look forward to the announcements of the winners in Boston between 16th and 18th of October, 2017.



on 22nd February 2007 / by webmaster
The story about the origin of Zyxware Technologies has two parts. One is about how the name came about, another is about how the vision came about. Here is how it all materialized. In 1997 five friends (Anoop John, Joseph Anish Alex, Mahesh K., R. G. Kiran, Sumesh Shenoy R.) studying at College of Engineering Trivandrum decides to start a software company of their own. They were all good at math and they played around with the variables x,y,z and came up with the word Zyxware. The name was coined by one of the five friends namely R. G. Kiran. It sounded cool, rhymed with software and was a new word and there were no other companies with the same name. The original 'founders' liked the name and thus was the original Zyxware founded. For the next 4 years while they were still at college they created a lot of different software utilities for themselves and distributed this among their friends and relatives. The name Zyxware got pretty popular among the computer students in the college through the different applications and utilities that were distributed. One of the applications, an internet usage monitor - ilog monitor - got so popular that it became the de-facto internet usage monitoring application for students in the college. In 2001 these five friends completed their degree course and went their different ways hoping to come back together and build Zyxware into a full fledged software company. Discussions around products and services ideas continued over the internet and phone. During this period two more friends were inducted as 'Zyxware Founders' viz Cherry George Mathew and Abraham George. In 2004, one of the 'founders' viz Anoop John announced to the rest that he has communicated to his employer that he would be quitting his job at the end of 2005 and that he would be coming back to India to set up Zyxware formally. The domain name zyxware.com was registered in 2004 by Anoop John. Anoop John put in his papers towards the end of 2005 and came back to India in 2006 Feb and started Zyxware formally by Jun 2006. The firm was registered with the name Zyxware Technologies. Anoop had always wanted to start his own company ever since grade 4. The reasons were quite immature at that point though and was primarily around the ability to decide ones salaries, holidays, work timings etc given what he saw of the restrictions faced by his parents who were employed with the government and a private sector bank. By the time Anoop was doing his engineering degree his driving motto was "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and this became the key motivation for him to start his own company replacing the original convenience reason. A company was looked at as a means to drive the change he wished to see in the world by generating resources, attracting people with similar vision and providing a platform to launch initiatives that can contribute towards the change. By 2006 the journey towards achieving that vision started formally with the registration of Zyxware Technologies. Zyxware Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

on 23rd August 2009 / by webmaster
We are a startup company with a vision to become a flag bearer in bringing about positive changes in the world by applying our resources and capabilities towards finding innovative solutions to the problems in the world. But at the same time we are a profit making entity bent on creating value in the system and augment our resources to drive our vision. We are not a typical software development company and we don't plan to be one. But we will continue to learn and grow from the best in the field. At Zyxware, we recognize that each of our employees are valuable contributors to our growth and respect and reward everybody for their contributions to this process. We try to maintain an exciting and positive environment by bringing together capable people for solving challenging problems. We believe that we can change the world with technology and look forward to finding talented people who share the same belief. Software Engineer We are looking for sharp, smart men and women for our software development division. Some of the specific skills that we are looking for are a) Analytical skills b) Communication skills, both written and verbal c) Team skills You can see more details about the general sets of skills and characteristics we expect to see in potential hires at www.zyxware.com/careers. Experience We are looking for people with 0-2 years experience. Eligibility Elance service provider or equivalent. How to Apply To apply for the software engineering position you have to register at http://www.elance.com and qualify as a capable service provider by taking the Elance Admission test. Please note that you can sign up with the free plan unless of course you want to proceed with becoming a freelancer on elance. Once you clear the admission test please take the following tests and note down your marks for each of these. Essential Aptitude Tests a) Programming Aptitude b) English Vocabulary (US Version) c) English Grammar (US Version) Optional Technology Tests d) PHP5 f) MySQL g) CSS 2.0 These test scores are an indicator of your specific domain expertise only, and provide an advantage over another applicant of similar profile. Failing these tests does not automatically disqualify you from applying. Freshers are not expected to clear the technology tests but they are expected to write these tests though. Clearing the technology tests would definitely give you an edge over others who fail. Submitting your profile Once the tests are done, go to Software Engineer (SE1) application form and submit your profile. Use the additional comments in the form to tell us why you think we should hire you. If you have made contributions to the Free Software community in some way, make sure you mention that because we would love to hire Free Software contributors. Also mention references to your past work which you would like to highlight. Do submit links to your work or online portfolio. If you have strong reason to believe that the tests do not do justice to your skill sets and abilities, you may submit your profile with a strong case represented in the "Additional comments" section of the application form. Even if you don't get a call from us, we would have potentially opened up a freelancing career for you through elance.com. Explore that option while you wait for a call from us. Good luck and see you at Zyxware. Announcements Job Openings News Careers Zyxware Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * Angel Jenifer M (not verified) access_time 19 Jun 2019 - 19:19 Respected sir... I am Angel Jenifer M, MCA Degree holder (Fresher) and here i have attached my resume for your kind consideration, kindly gothrough this and do the needful. Thanking you -- Yours truly, M.Angel Jenifer Add new comment

on 28th September 2009 / by webmaster
We are looking for an accountant for our combined hardware + software operations. The position is open for somebody with 1+ years of experience and a B.Com degree. The responsibilities would include accounting daily hardware sales and purchases, accounting other operational expenses, accounting software sales and performing statutory company accounting procedures. The person should also be able to demonstrate knowledge in various regulatory matters in accounting. The person should be willing to work extended hours to sync with the hardware operations. He/she should also have to visit and consult with our Chartered Accountant on a regular basis. You can see more details about the general sets of skills and characteristics we expect to see in potential hires at www.zyxware.com/careers. Experience We are looking for people with 1+ years experience. Eligibility B. Com Degree Tally Certification Remuneration 3-5K Commensurate with experience. References We will need at least 2 references from past employers. How to Apply You can come to our office prepared for an interview on the 16th or 17th of October. Make sure that you call our office 9446069446 and schedule a slot before you drop by. Candidates with an appointment will be given priority while conducting interviews. Good luck and see you at Zyxware Job Openings Careers Zyxware Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *
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