[Drupal] Issue with CKeditor when switching between plain text mode and rich text mode in CKeditor enabled textareas

By | 08 th Jan 2015 | 1 min read

The CKeditor module has an issue which will add some extra html markup tags to the original content of a CKeditor enabled text area. This will be annoying since it will break the original content formatting.

Issue with CKeditor on switching between plain text and rich text mode.

Recently an issue was reported by one of our clients that when she switch between plain text mode and rich text mode in CKeditor it adds some extra formatting tags automatically to the content. It was very annoying since it will break the overall formatting of the content. Actually it was because CKeditor automatically adds some html markups like break or p tags for the next line character and it will affect the original content formatting. This will be perfectly fine if you intend to use CKeditor only, but will be a problem if CKeditor is only used as an editing or formatting option.

A solution to this problem is to use a simple Drupal module "CKeditor Plaintext" which will prevent CKeditor from adding the extra markup to the content. After enabling this module we will have an extra option in the CKeditor configuration page to enable or disable the extra formatting done by CKeditor. It doesn't need any kind of extra configurations and hence it is simple to use.