Top 8 Free Tools to Track the Uptime of your Site

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When websites are created, we expect it to be up and running all the time, which need not be so. If websites are not accessible for any reason it can affect the brand name, loss of revenue, and can even affect the website’s ranking in SERP. There are a lot of free tools available online to monitor your site’s uptime. Based on their popularity and present Alexa ranking these are the top eight free tools to check the uptime of your website.


Pingdom has a network of 60+probe servers. They have Real User monitoring, transaction monitoring, uptime monitoring, DevOps. Though not completely free they offer paid services for as low as $4.95 per month.




Down for Everyone or Just me?

This free tool checks if the URL entered, is up on the web. The site offers no other service but has a good ranking.


Uptime Robot

The site’s downtime is verified from multiple locations and notifications are sent. Every 5 minutes, 50 monitors are checked for free.



The site offers Root Cause Analysis capabilities to find out issues for outages. They do monitoring of websites and web applications. Including those of mobile apps and mobile websites.





Host-tracker helps minimize the downtime of sites by reducing the time between when the site becomes inaccessible and notification. They do 24/7 notification.



Monitis provides a unified dashboard for website uptime, response time, server health, network performance, custom metrics. Instant alerts are sent via emails, SMS, Twitter or phone.



Uptrends provide website monitoring using 154 global checkpoint servers. They identify website performance bottlenecks, have Real User Monitoring and ensure critical multistep website transactions are up and performing optimally.



StatusCake has 100+ monitoring servers spread across 40 countries and 6 continents. They provide downtime alerts by emails, SMS, push notifications for iOS & Android or through third party integrations like Zapier, PagerDuty or Slack. URL:

The reasons that affect the uptime of a website can be due to hardware issues, software or configuration. A high capacity CMS like Drupal can go a long way to minimize and completely eliminate downtime (due to software) as it has the ability to handle traffic, is robust and scalable.

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