[SOLVED][Drupal ImageCache] ImageCache folders not being created after presets were created

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A Drupal user found out that the ImageCache preset folders were not being created after they had created the presets. If you are encountering the same situation in your Drupal site then continue reading for the solution.

Applying the following patched imagecache_create_url function will fix the issue.

function imagecache_create_url($presetname, $filepath, $bypass_browser_cache = FALSE, $absolute = TRUE) {
  $args = array('query' => empty($bypass_browser_cache) ? NULL : time());
  $file_directory = file_directory_path();

  // Determine the path of the derivative inside the files directory.
  $derivative_path = 'imagecache/'. $presetname .'/'. _imagecache_strip_file_directory($filepath);

  // Then construct a full path and see if anyone wants to alter it.
  $altered_path = $old_path = $file_directory .'/'. $derivative_path;
  drupal_alter('file_url', $altered_path);

  // If any module has altered the path, then return the alteration...
  if ($altered_path != $old_path) {
    // ...but use url() so our $bypass_browser_cache parameter is honored.
    return url($altered_path, $args);

  // It was unchanged so use the download method's prefix.
  $prefix = array(
    FILE_DOWNLOADS_PUBLIC => $file_directory,
    FILE_DOWNLOADS_PRIVATE => 'system/files',
  $path = $prefix[variable_get('file_downloads', FILE_DOWNLOADS_PUBLIC)] .'/'. $derivative_path;

  // Temporarily turn off clean urls setting by default.
  global $conf;
  $bk = $conf['clean_url'];
  $conf['clean_url'] = 0;

  $rs = url($path, $args + array('absolute' => $absolute));

  // Restore clean urls setting.
  $conf['clean_url'] = $bk;

  return $rs;

Hope that helps.

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