Configuring Mattermost Server on Centos 7

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Once the installation of Mattermost in Centos 7 has been completed and everything is working fine as mentioned in the article (Install Mattermost on Centos 7) you can follow the below steps to complete the configuration part.

1) Create the System Admin user and set up Mattermost for general use.

a) Open a browser and navigate to your Mattermost instance. For example, http://<IP-ADDRESS-OF-MATTERMOST-SERVER>:8065.

b) Create the first team and user. The first user in the system has a system admin role, which gives you access to the System Console.

c) Open the System Console. To open the System Console, click your username at the top of the navigation panel, and in the menu that opens, click System Console.

d) Set the Site URL:
In the GENERAL section of the System Console, click Configuration.
In the Site URL field, set the URL that users point their browsers at. For example, If you are using HTTPS, make sure that you set up TLS, either on Mattermost Server or on a proxy.

2) Set up email notifications.

a) In the NOTIFICATIONS section of the System Console, click Email and make the following changes:
   a.1) Set Enable Email Notifications to true
   a.2) Set Notification Display Name to No-Reply
   a.3) Set Notification From Address to {your-domain-name} For example,
   a.4) Set SMTP Server Username to {SMTP-username} For example, [email protected]
   a.5) Set SMTP Server Password to {SMTP-password}
   a.6) Set SMTP Server to {SMTP-server} For example,
   a.7) Set SMTP Server Port to 465
   a.8) Set Connection Security to TLS or STARTTLS, depending on what the SMTP server accepts.

b) Click Test Connection.
c) After your connection is working, click Save.

3) Set up the file and image storage location. [The upload files can be either stored in local storage or Amazon S3 based on your needs]

4) Once everything is configured correctly restart the matter most service

sudo systemctl restart mattermost

The next part is configuring TLS on Mattermost and will need to follow the below steps to configure this.

If you would like to have users connect to the matter most server using HTTPS link then you will need to enable TLS.

1) In the System Console > General > Configuration.
2) Change the Listen Address setting to 443.
3) Change the Connection Security setting to TLS.
4) Change the Forward port 80 to 443 setting to true.
5) Activate the CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE capability to allow Mattermost to bind to low ports.

sudo setcap cap_net_bind_service=+ep /opt/mattermost/bin/mattermost

6) Install the security certificate. You can use Let’s Encrypt to automatically install and set up the certificate, or you can specify your own certificate.
  a) Change the Use Let’s Encrypt settings to true.
  b) Restart the Mattermost server for these changes to take effect.

Once the above steps are configured the matter most can be accessed from the browser URL which is already configured in the admin.