Harnessing the power of Drupal in healthcare sector
BY Moses Raymond
3 years ago
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The healthcare industry is facing multiple challenges and is looking for robust solutions to solve these problems. A looming problem that needs immediate attention is how to create open lines of cross communication between doctors in diverse practices. This will ultimately help physicians to interconnect and improve the overall care of patients.

Drupal is one such open source technology tool that can be utilized in a variety of ways to address the issues faced by the healthcare sector to drive a positive outcome. This versatile and robust open source Content Management System can easily bridge this gap.

The primary benefit of Drupal, as an open source technology, is that it is continuously updated with the latest improvements and has a strong and vibrant community support. Moreover, Drupal can effortlessly link multiple platforms, integrating front-end APIs and thus eliminate many of the formidable communication challenges the healthcare sector faces today.

By leveraging Drupal’s smart framework, the healthcare industry is capable of setting up latest products and this is an advantage considering the ultra-specialized nature of this industry. End-users may find the data confusing and at times overwhelming too and Drupal can help in simplifying the same.

Here are the four solid reasons why the healthcare sector should use Drupal modules to its benefit:

A wide range of modules to choose from: Drupal has more than 8000 modules with the number rising as time goes by. With such a wide range of modules, it is easy to deploy the website at short notice, which results in lower expenses.

Personalized for the requirements of the healthcare industry: Since this sector has many unique needs, Drupal is certainly geared up to address issues related to extensibility, security, access management and flexibility. These qualities make it the perfect tool to connect to the needs of the healthcare sector.

Allows quick decision-making in emergency situations: Increased data liquidity reduces redundant workflows and negates a majority of system-made inadequacies. Due to the quick availability of data and information, it becomes easier for medical teams to respond to crisis situations and take critical decisions almost instantaneously.

Patient turnover is increased: The implementation of Drupal helps the medical team to interact with patients in a qualitative manner and is also useful in attending to more patients at a given period of time.

Drupal module developers are continuously innovating and adding to the already burgeoning value it provides to the healthcare sector. Zyxware has been at the forefront of addressing the needs of this industry and is specialized in developing websites for its industry leaders. Your organization too, can benefit from our expertise in these areas, so get in touch with us to know how!



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