Why is Drupal the best CMS for the publishing industry?

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The digital publishing industry is growing leaps and bounds as a result of the extensive use of various smart devices. In fact, publishing e-magazines offers several benefits such as less investment, low production costs, minimum inventory storage costs, and most significant of all, the possibility to build a stronger global customer base.

The e-publishing industry is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years, especially due to declining paper stocks, increasing production costs and also due to the progression of technologies used to produce feature-rich e-books.Drupal is fast becoming a favoured CMS for online publishing because it has a huge array of modules that can be used to create a user-friendly and engaging website for your online readers.

Online publishing powered by Drupal: The key benefits

Effectiveness in managing and updating content: When I say 'publishing', your mind immediately conjures up images of a shelf full of books and texts. What does it mean? Yes, of course, I am talking about publishers that have to deal with and manage voluminous content.Drupal, as you know, is popular for its efficiency to manage and update content. Drupal’s awesome flexibility and customization allows you to easily publish content, making Drupal the best choice for the publishing industry.

Efficient publishing workflow: Moving on, with Drupal you can develop a single and united workflow that allows flawless publishing to several platforms. An effectual publishing workflow will enable content editors to organize the various tasks involved in publishing content, right from creating draft to reviewing the content to posting it publicly. Built-in modules such as Workbench, Revisioning and Workbench Moderating enable this workflow. The Curate module provides tools for content editors to effectively manage and work on specific content. It enables in-place content editing via the Quick Edit module and WYSIWYG Editing with CKEditor. Drupal e-publishing also provides tools such as Stackly that facilitates teamwork between researchers and writers for producing interesting content.

Significant reduction in costs: The publishing industry has been hard hit by the rising costs; this means the use of a free, open source CMS platform like Drupal is an excellent way to overcome the economic shortfalls. It also helps in managing the purchase for online content and the subscriptions for E-readers with its built-in commerce module.

So as you see, Drupal is the best platform for online publishing, and you can be totally confident that you will be giving your e–readers the best experience by using the latest and most effective trend in content publishing.

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