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Websites have become an integral part of any organization; they are your brand’s first impression. Since first impression is the best impression, every organization needs to rope in the best skills and technology to design and develop a website.

Websites reflect and convey your company’s image to the public, and over the years, developers and marketers have been on the hunt for various platforms to create a scalable, user-friendly, secure and speedy website design. With the current demand for a fuss-free and convenient online experience, organizations are on the look out for the best and competent website building platforms.

At Zyxware, Drupal has kept our clients happy by providing them interactive and highly functional websites. Through our 9 year association with Drupal, we have had the opportunity to work with different versions of Drupal including the latest addition, Drupal 8.

Give your business a competitive edge with Drupal 8!

Drupal 8 is not only a delight for developers but it also has numerous business benefits.

Scalability and performance: There is an increasing demand for highly interactive websites. When websites become more interactive and have too many elements, there is a tendency for the website to become slow. However, Drupal 8 has enhanced features which lets your website be dynamic without making it run slow. Drupal 8s multilingual features allow you to have quick and effortless translations for your site.

More security: The inclusion of Symfony PHP and Twig has allowed Drupal 8 to hackproof a website. Since Drupal 8 is a community- backed platform, developers are always on the look-out for threats, and as of now around 62 security improvements have been made in Drupal 8.

Integration with marketing tools: All versions of Drupal are capable of integrating with numerous marketing tools. However, Drupal 8 has a more flexible content delivery system, better content authoring tools and improved translation capacity which lets organizations interact with a wider global audience.

Mobile-first architecture: Since users do a majority of web browsing through their mobile phones, enterprises need a responsive website design which fits into any screen size. Drupal 8 has mobile responsive themes which are customizable and can be viewed and navigated on any mobile device.

Is your website currently running on Drupal 6?

If yes, then now is the right time to migrate to Drupal 8. Although Drupal 6 is scalable, secure, and has a well-built framework, the above-mentioned features of Drupal 8 help in making your website dynamic and interactive.

The Drupal Upgrade module offers all the required tools for migrating from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 can meet all the future demands of online marketing – the Drupal community is dedicated to making enhancements at a radically faster pace. Therefore, migration to Drupal 8 is a sensible step and is an efficient investment that ensures a greater online presence and enhanced user experience.

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