Strengthen your business with an amazing brand story

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Great story telling is all about getting people to trust in your brand through your brand story. It is an art in itself with soft guidelines but no hard and fast rules.

If you have got your audience interested, involved and invigorated into action – then you have succeeded in getting your audience to buy into your brand story. Whatever the medium you choose to speak through, whether visual, audio, video clipping or written, the message conveyed should be clear, concise, short and to the point. Don’t try to clutter it with too much data. Your product should speak through your brand story. Invite the audience through a minimalistic approach, building an anticipation that is converted into an action.

Goal: Every good story has a goal it works towards. Deviating from the goal leaves the audience confused. The goal of your story telling should be obvious without having to be verbally spelt out.

Connect: You can connect more with the audience by giving an insight into the human side of your business operations. When we build brand stories based on the people behind the company, a certain aura is carried throughout the story. The aura can be some strength or persona that appeals to the viewer’s inner self.

Make it real: Tell real stories based on the motivation of the founders, obstacles faced and how it was overcome- thus connecting with the audience, leaving a positive vibe or a can-do-attitude.

Testimonials: People are not going to buy just because it is out there in the market, especially when there are several companies competing in the same market. You give them a reason to buy through testimonials of people’s experience who have bought your product/service. Testimonials of real companies about the usefulness of your products and services make incredible brand stories that gets the target audience inspired to know more. Customer testimonials can be short clips to full blown case studies displayed prominently on your site.

Your brand story speaks through every tiny detail, from your logo to your overall website -whether you realize it or not. Every tiny detail plays a role and when it all comes together – you are left with an indelible impression, an impact beyond words. So you have to create a brand story, that makes customers want to come back for more-because they trust and rely on you and your products. Every brand story should build anticipation- a climax transforming into an experience, a story worth being retold.

Zyxware Technologies has been building on its brand story from 2006 when it started as a one man organization. Building on the motto of “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, we have come a long way .Every obstacle, and every challenge has been a stepping stone to the next rung in the ladder of success. We are a Drupal service provider building websites and web applications. Come partner with us to build your unique brand story.

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