Test cases for bulk uploading a csv file

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Bulk uploading is used to upload large amount of data within a short period of time. This article includes the test cases for bulk uploading. The test cases are based upon the below requirement: Option to bulk upload multiple number of groups. The file should be of the format .csv

Test cases:

  1. Make sure that the field accept only the files having .csv format. Error messages should be displayed while user uploads files with other formats.
  2. Make sure that on uploading empty file, error message should be displayed.
  3. Make sure that on giving wrong data on the file and uploading proper validation messages are showing (example giving wrong email address).
  4. Make sure that user is able to upload larger files as well as smaller files.
  5. Make sure that the data uploaded is properly displayed on the website.
  6. Make sure that user can edit, delete (make modifications) on the uploaded data.
  7. Make sure cross browser testing of the feature.
  8. Make sure that multiple users can at a time perform the upload process.
  9. Make sure the time taken for the upload process is reasonable.
  10. Make sure that after uploading the data, the alignment of the page is not getting broken.
  11. Make sure the working of the button for performing the upload process.
  12. Make sure that empty spaces in between the uploaded content is not displayed in the corresponding listing page.
  13. Make sure that the contents are displayed in the expected page in expected format.
  14. Make sure that user is navigated to expected page once the process is over.
  15. Make sure that on trying to upload already existing data, proper notification message is displayed.

Hope this article helps. Happy testing!

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