What are the challenges of E-Commerce testing?
BY anoop.v
6 years ago

E-Commerce testing is a very difficult task. E-commerce websites are very complex in nature. Simulating every possible action of the user is impossible because testers cannot predict the nature the of the customers. With quick change in technology, testers find it difficult to regulate tools or techniques for E-commerce testing. Some of the challenges of E-commerce testing are showing below.

Brisk change of technology

Brisk change in E-Commerce technology keeps the tester and developer on their toes. New software brings better functionality, conditions for testing become different for time to time. So the testers have to setup the new environment each time.

Customer profiles

Site visitors are vary from beginning customer to experienced customer. SO testing have to simulate all kinds of customers to meet the need through in testing the E-Commerce sites. Simulating the activity causes great challenge tot he tester.

Business Environment

They are especially in terms of shipping cost, Delivery, Dispatch, item tax etc should be simulated. Issues related to credit card also make the issue.


Chance of hacking is very high in those sites, so there are no standard for security testing. Few tools are available to overcome this situation.



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