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CSV the Comma-Separated Value or the Character-Separated Value is a highly useful format frequently used to save data from websites. Any spreadsheet program like MS Excel or even an ASCII text-editing application can be used to import the data. In one of my recent projects, there was a requirement to provide an Export link, which should export the report to a CSV file. The report had three fields ( product, quantity and amount). It also had a 'from date' and 'to date' field for sorting the report between a period. Following are the test cases I executed for this case.
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Suppose you are working in a software enterprise and you have to combine different csv files to create a report. It is a tedious job if you try to combine it manually by copying and pasting. We can do it if there exists only 2 0r 3 files. But if we have to merge too many files, it is not time worthy. Here I am going to explain a simple step procedure to combine multiple csv files in linux operating system through command prompt.