Conference Mobile App

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"Conference" is a general purpose mobile app which is mainly used for managing schedules for meeting and events. Users can download the app directly from play store. The more speakers and sessions you have, the more likely last-minute changes will occur. Conference app makes sure you are always on top of things and one step forward. You can send out information quickly to a lot of people via update within the app.


  • Program: The option 'programs' provides users descriptions of particular sessions along with time and date. There is another option to add the events to favorite.' Sessions' provides users a detailed description of event and speakers.
  • Halls: Users can browse sessions by day, time, and venue.
  • Tracks: When the user clicks on tracks, he gets the title date, time, duration and location.
  • Speaker: Users can search by keying in either a part or complete name of the speaker in the search bar. In addition, it provides options to see details about the speakers by clicking on the title. The 'speaker details' section include the background details of speakers, if they have one, as well as the sessions they’re presenting. Clicking the session title will take user to the Session description page

To add the session to the calendar, the user needs to click the calendar icon inside the program details. While clicking on the star button, it will save it as a favorite item.

Applicability of this kind of mobile app can span into areas such as:

  • Film Festivals
  • Cultural events
  • Exhibitions
  • Annual meetings
  • Investor meetings

By using the conference app, exhibitors can keep the people in mind and conference apps that help exhibitors better connect with attendees through messaging, meetings and branding.