How to write attractive & compelling web copy

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Your web content speaks volumes about your organization. Having a well-written, compelling copy on your website is one of the most essential things you can do for your business. Although content development is a time-consuming process and requires a bit of effort, a copy free of any errors is one of the best PR tools for your business. Good copy will not only help to get back links but also enhance the reputation of your brand.

Given below are some tips that will help you write better content.

Identify the objective of the content: It is important to have a clear idea of the goal your content i.e. the real purpose of the article you are writing. You need to know if the real objective of your article is to explain the functioning of a product or enhance conversions and build brand reputation. If you precisely know your goal, it will help set the tone for the everything that follows.

Decide on your target audience: You should know the kind of people you are targeting. This would help us frame our article effectively and determine the suitable style of writing.

Put yourself in the reader's shoes: Get a clear understanding of the mindset of the audience as you are preparing the content for them. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and write just like they would. Avoid technical jargons.

Avoid distractions that come in the way of writing: While writing, please log out of Facebook, Twitter or Youtube as you would find it unable to focus on your work and your content may sound rather fragmented.

Only include what’s necessary: Include only the relevant information that supports your objective. If you include unnecessary information, your audience will get completely confused and it will lead them away from the intended goal.

Write first and do not self-edit: Writing and editing are two separate phases in the content development cycle. You should never attempt to do both at a time. You need to concentrate on what you are writing first and then get someone else to edit your article/blog.

Use crisp, short sentences: Simple, clear and short sentences would help readers clearly understand your message. Refrain from using complex vocabulary.

Use clear, direct titles: Write striking and persuasive titles that easily convey the objective of the article to the readers and the search engines.

Make your text scannable: Use bullet points, numbered lists, white space and short paragraphs to make the text scannable.

Read aloud your content: To improve the quality of your content, read it aloud before publishing it on the web or handing it over to the customer. This will help in identifying last-minute errors before publishing it.

Read the content backwards: To ensure that your content is devoid and misspellings, scan your copy backwards. This will enable your brain to see words that are misplaced or out of context.

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