Tips for writing great articles

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Article marketing has become one of the most popular ways to make money online. This is because people constantly search for information related to products and services on the Internet. Moreover, it helps to generate more interest about your products/services and builds brand recognition and credibility among your customers. A well-written article would surely help to build trust, and also help in increased lead generation.

Given below are a few tips for writing great articles:

Articles that are rich in informative content play an important role in Internet marketing. This is because today an increasing number of people are using the Internet to search for information regarding products and services. Content rich articles are generally well-written, contain relevant and actionable information and answer a particular question. So, while writing articles, always focus on one or two key ideas that relate to a specific product or service. And last but not the least, do not stuff your articles with keywords.

Article length: The length of the article is extremely important. If the article is too short or if its overly long, the search engines will either penalize or ignore it. Moreover, you have to take in to consideration the attention span of your readers. If the article is too long, then the reader would lose focus and is likely to move on. Hence, keep the word count of articles between 400 and 1,000 words.

Links and Backlinks: If a marketing article has to serve its purpose, it should have back links that take the reader to the main page or sales page. In most of the article submission sites, a resource box would be available where you can provide information about the author. Here you can also give an overview of your blog.

Useful, actionable advice: A well-written article usually has strong opening lines. The first sentence of an article should address a question that the reader has. In the main body of the article, instruction, opinions, or other relevant information needs to be included. The writer must perform extensive research in order to prepare a targeted article rich with important actionable information and advice.

Article submission sites and blogs: If you want to achieve high quality results, paid memberships to article submission sites will offer a significantly greater return on investment. You can also publish articles on blogs. This will improve search engine rankings and also give more exposure to prospective clients.

Using the appropriate keywords: The author should incorporate the right keywords or keyword phrases so that your article/blog gets the appropriate search engine rankings. Keyword phrases help in refining any search. For a marketing campaign to be successful, you should have content-rich articles and a keyword density between 2-3%.

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