What are the components of a good direct response landing page?

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A landing page refers to an online marketing tactic that is aimed at getting people to “land” on a particular Web page to engage in a specific action. An effective landing page could contribute to the success of your marketing strategy.

A landing page is designed to gain more social media followers, sign up a service, purchase a product, generate traffic, convert leads to customers and thus increase sales. Landing pages are generally used for a particular affiliate or a paid search engine campaign.

Here are a few requisite components of a good direct response landing page:

A persuasive page headline: If your landing page does not attract the attention of the visitor or arouse their curiosity instantly, it will surely fail. Hence, the headline should be powerful, attractive, and capable of retaining the interest of the audience. The headline should typically relate to solving a common requirement, or it should be in a question format. You could also increase the font size of the headline and choice of colour if required. Present all the key information above the page fold so that the user does not have to scroll vertically. Long scrolling pages work well specifically for expensive products and services where comprehensive details are needed.

Remove unnecessary text and images: Always keep your landing page free of clutter. Keep the content short and simple so that the user can easily understand the benefits of the product you are attempting to sell. Avoid large blocks of text. Instead, use short bullet points to streamline text.

Outline the key benefits: Outline the major benefits of the product just below the main headline. You can keep the content to one line per bullet point (five points or less), as it enhances the readability of the text. Place 'Learn More' or 'See Details' links to provide more information about the product to the visitor. The information could be displayed in lightbox popovers without distracting the visitor's attention from the page.

Include a supporting trust area: The key benefits and a compelling call to action should be placed in the main body of the direct response page. However, it's important to provide a smaller information block also, where users can search for extra information to help them in the decision-making process. This could include testimonials as well as client logos, which helps to establish trust and credibility about the product or service on your direct response page.

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