How to make money from your website through advertising?

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A website or blog requires a good deal of time and effort to attract quality traffic. Now, what if your website gets a good amount of traffic, but generates no money? Placing advertisements on the site would be the key to success. Undoubtedly, selling advertising space on your site can be a wonderful way to earn money, particularly if you are a blogger or a small business entrepreneur. However, it's not as easy as you might think, and requires tremendous effort to set up.

Here are a few steps which will help you generate money through website ads:

Determine the audience and the type of advertising you want to do: This will help you target relevant advertising to your customers. Although there are different types of website ads, text ads, and banner ads are the most popular and commonly used types of ads. While banners are permanent ads with a fixed position on your website, text ads are temporary. Experiment with various types of advertising to determine which method generates more money on your website. Broadly speaking, there are various types of ads that can be displayed on your website.

Pay per click: In this type of advertising, you are paid when visitors click on an ad in your website.

Pay per impression:In this type of advertising, payment depends on the amount of times the ad is displayed on your website.

Pay per sale: In this type of ad, visitors not only click on the ad but buy an item or sign up for a specific service.

Create an appealing advertising page: Before creating an advertising page, it is important to discuss about your website or blog with prospective advertising clients. You should be advertising products and services that are useful for the viewers of your website. It should provide comprehensive information such as the number of pageviews, number of users per day or month, as well as its ranking according to Google, Alexa, and Technorati, among others. You should also inform the advertisers about the size and placement of the ad space as well as price per ad and payment options.

Choose affiliate programs: Affiliate programs are networks from which you choose different advertisers. Some of the prominent search engines provide advertising programs through them as well.

Placing the ads on your website: Finally, you can choose either a banner ad or a text ad whichever is relevant to your customers. In case you have selected an affiliate program, ads that match the content on the page will be placed on your website. This way, you can retain the interest of your readers.

It is good to maintain a constant relationship with advertising clients so that you let them know of any alterations in your site and the advertising fits their requirements as well as your site design. Moreover, it helps to bring out the best results from both sides. You can even provide your client a small discount for purchasing more ads or ad space, if your relationship is benefiting you and the website visitors.