Zyxware Technologies hosts Kochi Python March 2015 Meetup

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Zyxware Technologies (Kochi) played host to this month's KochiPython Meetup. The meeting offered a truly exciting and fun-filled experience for the participants.

The meetup, held on March 7, featured interesting and informative sessions on Logging in Python for Larger applications by Fayas Yusuf Khan and Introduction to Computer Vision using OpenCV and Python by Lentin Joseph. Mr. Vimal Joseph, Technical Architect, Zyxware Technologies, gave a brief presentation on “Why I Love Python" (http://www.slideshare.net/vimalekm/i-love-python), explaining how humour and programming best practices have become a part of the Python culture.

KochiPython, a small group of enthusiastic python programmers, conducts meetups, workshops, and forums to promote Python and computing. Meetups are conducted on the first Saturday of every month at various companies and academic institutions.