Matrix Malayalam Screensaver for GNU Linux distros - Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora

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Matrix Screensaver is a very popular screensaver based on the digital rain shots (moving text) in the blockbuster movie trilogy - The Matrix. This is available as a screensaver in popular GNU Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian with their default installations. But the default Matrix Screensaver that comes with these distributions contains only falling English alphabets. Now Santhosh Thottingal of SMC (Swathanthra Malayalam Computing) has modified this for Indic scripts and has made it available for everybody.

You can download the deb packages for debian and ubuntu at and the discussion on how to hack the Matrix Screensaver for your language can be found at Santhosh's Matrix Screensaver hack page. The fedora rpm is in the works and you can request for it from the SMC Mailing List. Additionally if you are a software professional from Kerala and you would like to contribute towards Malayalam Computing initiatives then the SMC Mailing List is the place to start.