Zyxware conducts GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) training for Kerala Legislative Assembly Employees
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5 years ago
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As part of the ongoing process of migrating computers in Kerala Legislative Assembly to Free Software, we got the opportunity to offer GNU/Linux training to the first set of 120 employees of Kerala Niyamasabha. Zyxware Technologies conducted trainings for 8 batches of staff of Assembly. Each batch had a session of 2 hours each. This was spread over 8 days between November 26, 2013 to December 6, 2013.

For the last last decade Kerala has slowly been migrating towards Free Software. One of the most successful initiatives in this direction is the IT@School project. KSEB, Khadi Board and some other government offices too have similar stories of successful Free Software migration.

The Kerala Legislative Assembly, has also been making an effort in this direction. It is heartening to note that the heart of democratic power in Kerala is adopting Free Software for its functioning. The Kerala Legislative Assembly began this initiative with a distribution of Free Software pre-installed laptops to members of the Assembly and some of the staff. Zyxware Technologies, along with Canonical, had provided support for this. However, the transition had not been completed and there were many stumbling blocks in between.

The Assembly began a process of converting the documentation of the proceedings of the Assembly and other texts generated within Kerala Legislative Assembly into Unicode format from the earlier ASCII data. A training was given to the staff of the Assembly including the typists, supervisors and other relevant officers on Inscript Keyboard as part of this conversion. However, inadvertently, it gave out the impression that everybody should learn Inscript to create content in Unicode. Since most of the staff were using Remington for long, they found the shift to Inscript difficult and inefficient. Very soon, it reinforced the popular myth that Free Software is not user friendly in their minds.

It was in this context that the Assembly approached ICFOSS to organise a training for their staff. In turn, ICFOSS selected Zyxware Technologies as the organisation to provide training at the Assembly. Zyxware Technologies has considerable experience in this area of Free Software trainings.

The classes were led by Sooraj Kenoth, Free Software Consultant at Zyxware Technologies with the assistance of Sandeep Sasikumar, System Administrator at Zyxware Technologies. Apart from them, additional support staff from ICFOSS was also present for the trainings. (Anjali System Administrator at ICFOSS and Abhilash System Administrator at ICFOSS).

The training started on November 26 with a Keynote speech by Dr.Sreenivasan of ICFOSS. He said Free Software closely resembles the laws of nature. Therefore, it is a model that can survive across generations. Moving towards Free Software is an intelligent choice.

One of the key challenges facing the trainers were some of the perceptions about Free Software in the minds of the staff. Some of these included, “Free Software is a Free of cost product from Free Software
Foundation(FSF) a company like Microsoft, it is available with a name Ubuntu.”

This led to the feeling amongst the staff that the government wanted to reduce the expenses by moving to free of cost products and put the additional burden of learning a new system on the staff. Realising this, the trainers explained to the staff the concept of Free Software and the relevance of Software Freedom. In the case of proprietary software, we are likely to fall into a dependency on most the technologies we are using to simplify our tasks. These dependencies can give the power to developer to control us through the application and eventually they may start to rule us. Free Software was a counter to this. Once, the initial confusion was cleared, they began to take a keen interest in learning Free Software tools.

Soon we got to the issue of difficulty they faced in typing using Inscript. The good news from their point of view was that they did not have to depend on Inscript for Malayalam typing but they could go back to their trusted tool, Remington. Apart from that in GNU/Linux they have Malayalam spell checker, auto correct etc. These were advantages that Free Software had as opposed to Microsoft Windows. The participants in the training were convinced that in Free Software, the control was always with the user and that by learning the technology, they could control it.

At this particular point, it is important to remember the contributions of Sathosh Thottingal the initiator of Malayalam spell checker and auto-correct and Sebin Abraham Jacob who ported Remington to GNU/Linux.

We followed Unity-Desktop as all the systems have pre-installed Ubuntu with Unity environment. We introduced the other desktop environments that were available like GNOME, KDE, XFCE, LXDE etc. The properly categorised menu in all these systems and wide variety of choices went a long way in removing the misconception that Free Software is not user friendly. The non-complex file manager and traditional interface in Libre Office made them to a conclude that Free Software is easy to learn and not a major challenge as they previously thought. Also a lot people expressed their interest to install GNU/Linux in their home desktops/laptops when they came to know that there is less chance for virus attacks in GNU/Linux systems.

The class had a mixed type of audience. There were people who didn't touch the computer for last five years, and at the same time good experienced candidates. The customisation and experiments made most of the installed features unusable. Eight years of experience in Free Software and training on the part of the trainers helped manage this diversity and make it a useful learning experience for the participants.

We look forward to a successful Free Software migration at the Kerala Legislative Assembly. It will be an important advance for Free Software in Kerala.



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A new software developed by Zyxware Technologies all about to revolutionize the way information is collected and processed in tracking diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria. The software, is being dedicated to the nation as Free Software under the GNU General Public License (GPL) on 5th October 2007. The first copy of the software will be handed over to the Hon'ble Minister for Health Smt. P. K. Sreemathi Teacher in a function to be held at the minister's office. The software is web based and allows Hospitals to report cases of diseases as soon as the case is registered at the hospital. The software seamlessly integrates with the existing manual process by allowing hospitals that does not have any web access to send paper based reports to data entry operators who can enter them into the system or send soft copies of the reports that can be imported automatically. The system allows secure login with role based privileges for different roles like Government Medical Official, Hospital Staff, Data Access Operators and System Administrator. The GIS interface uses Google maps to present the data on a real time basis on a map of the state. Cases of diseases are represented by markers on the map and easy visual analysis of the pattern and extent of spread of diseases is possible. The GIS and reporting interface processes the cases registered and presents reports that can be used by the Health Department to monitor the situation on a real time basis and take precautionary measures if required. Such a system will help in preventing occurrences of disease outbreaks of the scale experienced by the State of Kerala in the last couple of years. It is for the first time that such a software is being developed and released as free and open source software. One of the objectives in releasing the software as Free and Open Source Software is to promote the fact that it is possible to Develop state of the art software at very low costs and a developing country like India does not have to languish behind other IT leaders in any areas and To inspire youngsters to take bold steps in trying out their ideas and following their dreams instead of orthodox careers. Accessing the Demo A demo of the application has been set up at Health Monitoring System. The application has two modules - GIS/Report Interface and Management Console. The GIS interface displays reports and graphs of the collected data. Data collection and statistical analysis are/can be done in the Management Console. You can access the two modules at Health Monitor GIS/Reporting Interface Health Monitoring System Management Console The Management Console provides access to 3 different types of users 1) System Administrator username: admin password: zyxware 2) Hospital User username: hospital password: zyxware 3) Government Medical Officer username: gmouser password: zyxware 4) Data Access Operator username: daouser password: zyxware The source code for the application will be uploaded to sourceforge soon. Till then you can request a free copy of the software by sending us a request using the Contact Us page Why are we giving this software for FREE To promote the fact that it is possible to develop state of the art software at very low costs and a developing country like India does not have to languish behind other IT leaders in any areas Open Source is the way to go for a developing country like India. Low costs, no forex outflow through purchase of expensive software. Cost will never be a hurdle in any of our IT projects if we depend on Open Source Technologies and Open Source Solutions It is possible to get private companies to undertake Open Source projects without the government having to pay exorbitant prices or compromising on quality. To inspire youngsters to take bold steps in trying out their ideas and following their dreams instead of orthodox careers. Challenge to todays youth – Taking risks to achieve much more than a labor selling proposition offered by todays IT service export business. American IT industry grew because of the risk taking attitude of the Americans. There is nothing that is going to stop from become as good or better than America in IT. IT is not just selling labour to the International market. It should also mean creation of innovative solutions and products that can address our local needs. Announcements Open Source Press Releases Web Development Free Software Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * Subhash Krisha… (not verified) access_time 27 May 2019 - 10:10 I express my appreciation for exceptional work done by you and your team. The objectives in releasing the software as Free and Open Source Software will definitely be an inspiration to millions of Youth who aspire to see our Great India a developed country by 2020. I hope this will inspire youngsters to take bold steps in trying out their ideas and contributing it to our country, however small their contributions may be. I send my warm regards and wish you continued success. Subhash Krishanamoorthy Resmi G (not verified) access_time 27 May 2019 - 10:10 My Hearty congrats to zyxware team!!!! Hope this software will go a long way in tackling epidemics like chikungunya. It will be a boon to milliions of people like me who are suffering from chikungunya. The main hurdle at the clinical level for epidemics like chikungunya is that no medicines have been identified for treating this disease. Doctors just prescribe pain killers and paracetamol. The need of the hour is a sincere effort at the govt level to do extensive research for the roots of this disease , develop preventives and prevent such outbreaks in future. Such efforts aided with a GIS software like zyxwares’s will go a long way in eradicating these epidemics. Jai (not verified) access_time 27 May 2019 - 10:10 Kudos. I appreciate the effort and contribution from the Zyxware Technologies Team. I hope it would be possible to import the data (both demographic & clinical) collected through Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) and Hospital Information Systems (HIS) database into the above mentioned modules (Health Monitoring System Management Console and Health Monitor GIS/Reporting Interface application), to generate disease patterns/trends, analyse reasons for occurrance, predict possiblity for future outbreaks for prevention etc. Such a feature/effort could help acheive better results in public health administration in India and other developing countries. Best Wishes Jai Sri Sathya Sai Information Technology Centre Prasanthi Nilayam Sukhdev Singh (not verified) access_time 27 May 2019 - 10:10 Please announce the URL from which this Open Source software can be downloaded. Brig K S Kali Prasad (not verified) access_time 27 May 2019 - 10:10 A very good effort and well organized GIS Information using the OGC to be studied for all cost effective projects Pagination Current page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Next page Next › Last page Last » Add new comment

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We are happy to announce that our open source application, The Health Monitoring System was dedicated to the nation by Hon'ble Health Minister of Kerala, Smt. P K Sreemathi Teacher by accepting the first copy of the application from Zyxware's CEO Mr. Anoop John on 5th October, 2007. The function was held at the minister's office. This software, named as Health Monitoring System, is released under GNU General Public License and made available free of cost. This allows anybody to download the source code of the application, edit, modify and use it as per their requirements. This application reduces manual process in reporting of diseases. Hospitals which are internet-enabled can login to the system and submit reports as and when cases are registered. It also allows hospitals that does not have web access to send paper based reports to a health center (district level) where a data entry operator can enter them into the system or to send soft copies in a specific format that can be imported automatically. This system allows a secure and separate login to different users with different levels of access rights to the system. Users are classified as Government Medical Officers, Hospital Users, Data Access Operators and System Administrators. Cases reported are displayed on a live map. The GIS interface uses Google Maps for this purpose. Easy visual analysis for the determination of the extend of spread of diseases is possible. Cases are represented by different markers on the map. When a case is reported, it is made available for display on the map immediately, there by making it possible for the authorities to take precautionary steps at the earliest, if required. This software is the first of its kind developed using open technologies and released as a free and open source software. The source code of the application is available from Sourceforge: Zyxware Health Monitoring System. The application is written in PHP and MySQL. It can be set up on a Linux PC or a Windows PC. For further queries about the software you can contact us online or visit our office or call us. Zyxware Technologies, 3/118, Kesavadasapuram, Pattom P.O, Trivandrum - 695004, Kerala, India Ph: 0471-4063818, +91-9446069446 email: info@zyxware.com In the Press GISDevelopmnet.net - Open source software to track epidemics Directionsmag.com - Revolutionary new Open Source Software to help in Tracking epidemics like Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue. IGovernment.in - ‘Chikungunya tracker’ from Kerala tech start-up The Hindu - IT group develop software to track diseases like chikungunya GISUser.com - New Open Source Software to help in Tracking epidemics like Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue SBWire.com - Revolutionary new Free and Open Source Software from Zyxware Technologies to solve problems in Tracking epidemics Announcements Open Source Press Releases Web Development Free Software Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * Anonymous (not verified) access_time 27 May 2019 - 10:10 great job, this is gonno prove to be a huge leap in health industry.... treppenlift (not verified) access_time 27 May 2019 - 10:10 thanks. agen bola asia (not verified) access_time 27 May 2019 - 10:10 I've been surfing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.agenbola asia Pagination Current page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Next page Next › Last page Last » Add new comment
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