Zyxware Logo and Corporate Motto

| | 2 min read

There are some things about running a company that you never think about until you run one. Some of these might look so insignificant and irrelevant in running a company that you would want to put them in the low priority list. One simple example is the need for a logo and a corporate motto. You can start a company without either of these. However as the company grows the need for these two slowly emerges.

We had planned on designing a logo that reflects the motto behind starting the company and the strong nationalist emotion behind starting it in India. But then practical considerations prompted us to go for something that is easily reproducible and something that can be scaled to small sizes as well as large sizes. Then again we had to consider the fact that smooth curves and multiple colors would degrade at small sizes. We really needed to have the logo printed in small sizes because we wanted that to go on the computers and parts that we sell from zyxware.

Another crucial aspect was that we wanted the viewer to recognize and relate to Zyxware whenever he/she sees our logo. What better than the complete name would serve that purpose. So we discarded the different designs under consideration and finalized on the one we have displayed on top of this site. There are a couple of variants for the logo that we are using currently or planning to use immediately. One for Zyxware Hosting, one for Zyxware Domains and one for Zyxware Computers. The variations in these logos would be that the technologies part in the above logo would be replaced by the terms - Hosting, Domains and Computers respectively.

Now that the logo was decided the next major issue was the corporate motto. This was much more easier than figuring out the logo. The idea of starting a company was driven by a deep desire to actively drive the changes we wished to see in the world. Running a company gives you much more power to do that when compared to working in a company. We have been inspired by the statement of the father of our nation M. K. Gandhi who advocated people to become active agents for driving positive changes in the society - "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Zyxware has now officially adopted this as our corporate motto.