Website for Plea for a High Court Bench at the Capital City - Trivandrum

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The legal fraternity in and around Trivandrum district has been demanding for a high court bench in the capital city of Kerala since 1957. The demand is being supported by all political parties and the ruling Government of Kerala. To further mobilize the campaign the supporters had engaged us to set up a website for the protest. The website is expected to add momentum to the protest.

The supporters had shown us the economical aspect of having a high court bench at Trivandrum. The Government of Kerala spends several crores of rupees in TA for legal personnel for conducting cases at the High Court of Kerala located at Cochin. In addition to the economical aspect other compelling arguments were put forth regarding the demand.

We were convinced about the validity of the economical aspect for sure and decided to show a helping hand for the cause and offered free website development and free hosting for the project. The website for the Campaign for a High Court Bench at Trivandrum is the result of our effort. We have used Drupal to set up the site. We had also developed a custom module that allows visitors of the site to sign an online petition to show support for the cause. We hope to release the module for the Drupal community soon.