Content publishing checklist for content managment on

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The technical content posted on is being managed and reviewed by a team called the Tech Content Team (TCT) and all the content that gets published goes through a TCT review process. Please find below the TCT publishing review checklist that is used for the final check on articles before they go live on the site.

Zyxware's Tech Content Team would like to put across the following points that we usually look for while doing the final Quality Review of an article received as a submission to the Tech Content Submission System. This stage is basically a verification of the overall quality aspects. This makes sure that nothing has been missed / messed out in the long run of article review. This is the last stage before the article gets published. Here is the checklist we usually use for that:

  • Has the content been entered onto the site?
  • Has the correct author been set?
  • Has the input format been set correctly?
  • Has the layout been checked by doing a preview?
  • Has the correct canonical (node/nid) url been added to the tracker ticket?
  • Have all images been uploaded?
  • Has a final quality check been done on the article?

    Verify the following:
    1. HTML Validation (STRICT)
    2. Proportional layout
    3. Images
    4. Links, Attachments
    5. Author
    6. Input Format
    7. Titles
    8. Tags
  • Has the pomote-to-frontpage checkbox been ticked?
  • Has the published checkbox been ticked?