Malayalam wiki source offline version has been released

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Zyxware is happy to announce the fact that the Malayalam wikisource community has released the off-line version of their Wiki today, which is touted to be the very first version of such a venture. You can get a copy of the Malayalam wiki source offline version via our RequestCD program. This is the first time in history that a wikisource project has released the off-line version of their content. This is in addition to the release of the first version of Malayalam Wikipedia a year back. With this release, it has become the biggest off-line digital archive of Malayalam books. The Malayalam wiki team can be proud of their achievements.

The team led by Santhosh Thottingal has overcome numerous challenges ranging from layout issues to proof reading the numerous articles, to bring out a package that comes with a clean, easily navigable book like interface and presents a uniform pattern for the books which is vastly superior to other off-line Wikipedia readers like Kiwix, which does not do any modification of the layout of the content and presents it as shown in Wikipedia/Wikisource.

The software has been rendered in static html to limit the data size and to provide cross platform interoperability. CSS 3.0 has been extensively used to provide a book like interface. Apart from the numerous poems, folk songs, devotional songs, novel, grammar book, tales, books on Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Communism and Philosophy, there is also a collection of images which are related to Malayalam and naturally to that of Kerala

To know more about the content and the efforts put behind this project check out this link here