Agile Methodology
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With the post-Covid-19 world making agility a determining factor for business success, implementing this methodology has gained unprecedented urgency among organisations across the globe. By changing how companies operate, agile transformations promote sustainability and growth and improve how people collaborate. One of the prime objectives of such adaptations is to replace traditional operation models and put in place a modern approach allowing organisations to be receptive towards change. Over the years, organisations trying to introduce this methodology have run into rough weather in the form of missing serious deadlines, slow product development, loss of team members, including highly skilled talents, and squabbling among teams. Hence, organisations will need to be aware of the practical benefits of the methodology and cautious of its challenges and the steps they need to take to transform and not just be Agile in Name Only.
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Waterfall model a process in software development, where all the development phases such as requirement gathering, designing, implementation, verification and maintenance were carried out separately and executed only after the completion of each phase. The major drawback of this model is that, the in between changes from the client cannot be included. Since the working model reaches the client only at the final stage of the development process, there can be chances of misinterpretation of requirements, which consumes more time in fixing. Here comes the advantages of agile model.
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As you know, in agile methodology, Developers, Testers and Business work closely. So before going to the topic "Roles and responsibilities of a tester", here I give a brief description about Agile method. In this method the entire application development activity will be divided into regular time frames called sprints. The sprint period may be one or two weeks, one month or 2 months based on the nature of the project. So the first phase is sprint planning.