Why Drupal Is the Best Option to Build a Web Application?

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Accelerating your online business is crucial in the ever-changing global market so that your business remains agile, up-to-date and well-adapted to change fast.

New sites, services, offerings, and applications come up faster than ever before, and you need to be able to keep ahead of consumer demands and needs. It recognizes that digital is not just marketing; it is also business. It helps accelerate your path to digital transformation.

And how can we forget Drupal when we talk about DXP? Drupal is built to be customisable and has always made it possible to integrate with other tools of your choosing. 1   Depending on your requirements, you can integrate your Drupal website with different payment gateways, CRMs, analytics tools, social media, marketing automation platforms, and native apps. For this reason, we call Drupal an Open Digital Experience Platform.

Why Drupal Web Application Development is so Popular?

Drupal is a well-known and widely-used content management system. Many Internet users turn to this platform to settle their web projects as Drupal is also a web content management software specializing in custom application development. With over 1000+ websites backed by Drupal, it is one of the top-rated platforms for building custom apps on the web, supported by a set of native features and module extensions.

The most impressive feature of Drupal isn’t just its variety but rather how well it scales, depending on your needs. It features over 11,000 modules to allow developers to create virtually any type of website–and this list gets bigger as more are created. Drupal offers application integration with third-party platforms and digital marketing tools, making it a preferred choice to set up an attractive and sellable eCommerce solution. Without any further ado, let’s dig into the facts - why Drupal is said to be the best option to build a web application.



5 Reasons for using Drupal For Web Application Development

1. Supports Mobile-First Development

Drupal supports the development of responsive websites and apps. The themes and modules follow the best practices to ensure a seamless experience for the users, irrespective of the user’s device.

2. Create Dynamic Designs

Drupal offers a wide range of readily available themes and templates that most businesses love to use. If you don’t want to go with any ready-made option, it also has a provision to create a custom and dynamic design. We create interactive websites as per your custom business needs using Drupal.



3. Unlimited Functionality

Drupal module development brings everything to your end-users dashboard to much of the delight of your employees. They can enjoy many features and functions while working on the same screen they are hooked to. Drupal developers are empowered with algorithms that can efficiently address and accommodate complex requirements. Your website can enjoy the services of thousands of highly customizable contributed modules that can be easily put to use for carrying out the simplest to even the most complex of tasks. The added functionalities that have the potential to make your site rich include seamless 3rd-party integrations, SEO, content repository, security, access control, a shopping cart for e-commerce, etc. Not only this, you can custom-design modules the way you want them.

4. Future-Proof

While some CMS developers never seem to catch up with bugs, Drupal’s developers consistently look toward the future and pay it forward. You can see examples of making it a complete platform and not just a blog framework. Furthermore, core contributors to the community ensured that Drupal websites would be responsive, mobile-friendly, and easy to optimize for search engines to make sure they kept up with lightning-quick changes in marketing and internet usage.

5. SEO and Templates

It has several features that make search engine crawling and ranking easier. It has modules for meta description, title, meta keyword, and header tags, among others. You can develop optimized content and text for search engines and denote a dynamic URL on your website page as a static one. The platform has a massive range of themes, from basic to business-focused, with several of them available entirely for free. You can also find paid templates or get a customized one made.

Wrapping Up

It’s all about building a brand-defining your business as inclusive, attentive to all customers, respective of best practices, and in line with the times. It will most likely attract customers and partners who want to be part of a good culture. On the contrary, a lack of accessibility can be a reputation killer. So, to stay updated with the latest and vital features in Drupal, kick-start the upgrade process as quickly as possible.

Suppose your business requirement calls for a flexible and scalable solution to have a noticeable presence on the web. In that case, we recommend you to opt for Drupal for custom web application development.