[Drupal] Why is Drupal the right web platform for your organization?

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If you are an organization trying to set up a new website or if you are planning to upgrade your static website to a dynamic website here are some key reasons why Drupal is a good solution for you to bank on.

a) Ability to continue to use the site for a long time - As an organization you would want to ensure that the investment you are making into the site is something that would continue giving you returns into the future. Drupal is a framework that will allow you to continue to use your site for several years with minimal maintenance. A Drupal major version will continue to be supported from the point it is released to the point till the release of the second major version after that. So a site built in Drupal 7 can safely be used until Drupal 9 is released. Typical release cycle is 1.5 - 2 years. So your site should be supported for at least 4 years.

b) Continuous support and bug fixes - It is impossible to create software without bugs, but at the same time there is no reason why bugs cannot be fixed once they are found out. Drupal and contributed modules are community supported and bugs and issues that are identified are contiuously being fixed and newer versions released. This will allow your site to continue to be improved upon with minimal investment on the development front.

c) Continuous security evaluation and fixes - Like with bugs it is almost impossible to create a software without security issues. However Drupal takes security very seriously and comes up with security fixes both for the Drupal core and for Drupal modules as soon as the loophole is identified and a solution is worked out. There is a crack team of community volunteers in the Drupal security team who focusses on the security aspects of Drupal continously. So if a site maintainer takes care of all the security updates that come out for the Drupal core and modules used on his site he would be able to more or less assume that his site is reasonably safe from all known vulterabilities.

d) Do not have to pay for re-inventing the wheel - Drupal comes with more than 10000 modules covering a wide range of conceivable functionalities that anybody would want on their websites. Even if your requirements are not exactly met by these modules it would still be possible to tweak / customize these modules to meet your requirements. Trying to customize to meet the last 5% of the requirements is always going to be cheaper and faster than trying to build the whole thing from scratch.

e) Rapid Application Development - Drupal provides a lot of tools to help a capable developer a very good RAD framework that can help convert ideas into products with very short turn around times. Optimizing the products and theming them to perfection might take time but getting proof of concepts out can be done very fast.

These are only some of the key points that would make Drupal a good choice for your enterprise platform. If you are interested in knowing more before taking a decision we will be happy to provide consultancy support to help you take the right decision. If you have already decided to go with Drupal we will be happy to offer development support to help build your platform for you. Contact us to know more.