Drupal : The Best CMS for your Online Business

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Drupal CMS is an open-source, free-to-use content management framework that has been written in PHP. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License that assures the end-user the freedom to copy, modify, and share the architecture in accordance with his/her requirements.

Drupal powers nearly 6% of the world’s websites including corporate websites such as Pfizer and Time Inc., personal blogs and government websites like data.gov.uk and the White House. It's popularity as a versatile content management platform is evident from the fact that it has been used in 180 languages across more than 230 countries around the globe. It is widely used for knowledge management and collaborations by individuals and large organizations all around the world.

With more than 30,000 developers and a million plus members, Drupal’s popularity has been on the ascendancy since the time it was launched. Drupal core installation is designed to work and act as a basic website, an internet forum, a blog, or even as a community website. The basic features of the standard Drupal core include RSS feeds, menu administration, user account registration, page layout customization, caching features, release updates, etc. Web developers and system administrators are always aware of its recent developments and releases with intimations about the latest versions, themes, and modules.

Drupal’s unique features make it a state-of-the-art web content management tool with easy customization.

The following features make it an attractive option for online businesses:

The Advantages of Choosing Drupal CMS for Your Business

Ease of Content Management: This is one of its most important features as easy content management allows quick and simple editing and publishing of online content, so much so that even a non-technical individual can effectively manage these tasks. Content adherence is maintained by providing limited access to various users as per their organizational role.

Top-level Community Support: The user-developer connectivity that Drupal provides as a platform is quite unique and allows community members to consult each other if they have any problems or issues. With the user/developer community growing consistently over the past years, this platform is continually updated and improved upon on all fronts. Innovative features and new plug-ins keep infusing new life in to the platform, making it more efficient by the day.

Time-saving and easy to use: Unlike other platforms, Drupal allows for quick designing and easy customization, thus saving a lot of time for all those involved.

Template customization: Drupal has a wide array of ready-to-use themes that facilitates in the web designing and layout of the website and allows easy alteration of current features and adding new ones too, without having high-level programming skills.

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