8 Ways to Optimize your Drupal Site

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Being one of the few comprehensive CMS’ available today, Drupal continues to be the most preferred brand for building websites. From personal blogs to high-security government sites, Drupal is the favored choice when it comes to building high-performance websites. To date, Drupal powers over 2.2% of the websites running globally. However, there are several tweaks and tips that you can make use of to enhance the site performance and offer a better user experience for online visitors.

The Need for Drupal Site Optimization

Site optimization improves the performance of the website. Studies show that several popular sites have seen a significant increase in online traffic after the sites were optimized for better performance.



Tips to Optimize your Drupal Site

  • Use the Latest Drupal Version

    The most recent versions of Drupal have enhanced features and includes bug fixes. All the essential elements such as modules, themes and core need to stay updated to ensure that your website performs well.

  • Implement CDN

    Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) reduces the time required for page loading. All the essential elements such as the content, CSS, JavaScript, etc., can be accessed by visitors from different parts of the world speedily.



    Uninstall Unused Modules

    Uninstalling or disabling unwanted modules can assist in Drupal optimization. But keep in mind that uninstalling can lead to loss of the tables that the modules use, and you cannot recover the database once it is uninstalled.

  • Remove Unwanted Content

    If there are any nodes or unnecessary data, you need to remove them. The databases get filled with the excess data which can eventually slow down site performance.

  • Avoid Excessive use of PHP Codes

    Using PHP codes in nodes and blocks have shown to cause performance drawbacks. Since the codes are taken from the websites and then executed by PHP, the codes don’t get cached which can slow down the execution of the regular codes.

  • Make use of Caching

    The Drupal core includes several caching options which stay turned off by default. Activating these caching options is the best way to speed up Drupal site performance.

  • Optimize the Images

    More than half of the content in most websites are comprised of images. Compressing or optimizing the images will lower the loading time and ensure better user experience.

  • Choose a Reputed Hosting company

    All hosts are not the same. Doing a research and comparison will help you pick the best from the lot! Selecting a professional and efficient hosting company will have a positive impact on the site performance.

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