Comprehensive Drupal Audit and Reporting

A satisfied Customer is always excited about Quality! To satisfy your customer’s needs, you should know how do customers evaluate your website’s credibility? It is undoubtedly the quality of the website that adds value, which is a combination of performance, standards and security. When it comes to Drupal, quality is all about 'doing Drupal right!'. Total quality is assured by meeting the objectives of Drupal performance, Drupal standards, Drupal security and best Drupal practices. Our Comprehensive Drupal Audit and Reporting services ensure that your site will meet or exceed your expectations.

You might be intending to offer a service or sell a product or provide information on a topic or deliver news, but how do you attract visitors and serve the most relevant content to their inquiries through your website? A proper SEO audit and reporting could really help you out here. The quality of your website's content really helps to improve Google Search and page rankings. But content alone can't do much when your site complexity overloads the user which in turn cost in poor customer relations.

We’ll help you to optimize your site against SEO, performance, Drupal standards and recognized best practices. We will review and carry out performance tests for your website to deliver a complete set of recommendations and work with you to develop a plan to implement all the recommendations.

Our Services:

We also ensure quality against Drupal coding standards by,

  • Reviewing CSS
  • Reviewing JavaScript
  • Reviewing Custom Modules
  • Reviewing Drupal Configurations
  • Reviewing custom code