Drupal Security Evaluation and Site Hardening

Drupal is not the only thing about which you should have security concerns. Your website is not the only place a hacker could try to access your files or database. If your ISP doesn't have a secure setup of your database server or if the default unneeded Drupal files are not removed, potential intruders can simply find out which vulnerabilities are applicable to your Drupal site and could try to access your database or files directly. So there are still some measures that you should take to make your Drupal site more secure. Contact us for a free consultation on Drupal Security Evaluation and Site Hardening tips. You can hire our Drupal team to take care of those security aspects. You can also avail our Drupal security audit and reporting services.

Keep your Drupal site secure and avoid defacing by ensuring the following basic steps,

  • User Accounts should have very strong passwords
  • Change passwords on a regular basis.
  • Block user accounts after too many login failures.
  • Limit access to user accounts based on their need only.
  • Maintain proper backups

If you require additional support, we can help you. further to secure your server, FTP, ssh, and other attack vectors. If your site is hacked or defaced, we can provide you essential Drupal support to get your site up and running. Also we’ll run specific security audit packages and send off the reports grouped into severity. We offer security evaluation and site hardening services to establish solid and sophisticated server hardening policies for your server.