Drupal Security Audit and Reporting

Drupal is fairly secure by default! Then why should we go for additional security measures? If you are not satisfied with the answer that comes to your mind, come to us. Security is a process which should be reviewed and ensured from time to time to be prepared against the emerging threats. A security checklist might help you to start with. We can help you further more to ensure your site’s security.

We guide our Drupal development team towards a security-focused delivery and we use our Drupal expertise to audit the website for standard Drupal coding practices, performance optimization and most importantly - Security. We can help you to identify potential security risks and fix them for you.

Security Audit ensures

  • Secure Drupal site configuration
  • Secure code which follows Drupal coding standards
  • All potential security pitfalls identified and validate they are fixed properly
  • All commonly exploited security gaps are filled.

We analyze the site, identify security vulnerabilities, suggests effective recommendations and work closely with you to implement them. We ensure, all commonly exploited security gaps are filled that could allow intruders to modify the site, plant malicious code and so on. For more help and support Contact us.

We also provide,