MySQL query optimization and server tuning for Drupal Sites

Using VPS service with good RAM and unlimited bandwidth! Still facing site slow down? Is Drupal really that slow? Definitely not. For Drupal to perform at its best, remove inefficiencies in the first place and that will improve the responsiveness and scalability of your site for optimum performance. Get a Quote Now!

If you are expecting substantial changes to site usage or having fairly good traffic, this is the right time to go for MySQL query optimization and server tuning for your Drupal Site. Come to us to ensure that your site will continue to perform beyond the future demands projected for your Drupal implementation. We’ll help you to meet your scalability and performance goals.

We offer the following services

  • Effectively finding and fixing slow queries
  • Enabling opcode caching on the server
  • Boost, Memcache and APC
  • Setting up and using CDN
  • Setting up and using Varnish
  • Setting up and using Apache Solr
  • MySQL query optimization
  • Apache, PHP and MySQL Configuration Tuning

We also provide,