Security Updates

Drupal Security Updates
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Drupal is one of the most secure Web Content Management systems available today and the credit for this goes to the simple fact that there is a dedicated security team that constantly checks the codebase for any vulnerabilities and provides fixes for any vulnerabilities identified. As per the Drupal Security team, security release "windows" are every Wednesday for Drupal contributed projects, and one Wednesday a month (usually the third Wednesday) for Drupal core.
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| 6 min read
Kraftwagen is an Open Source deployment tool that is built entirely on top of Drush. Kraftwagen makes Drupal “easy to use” for developers, who customize Drupal extensively, need staged deployments, and use version control systems to collaborate. It provides a set of commands for 'drush make' based Drupal development workflow.Benefits of using Kraftwagen for security updates By using Kraftwagen to deploy security updates, the benefits are multifold, which include