How to implement Drupal security updates and issues behind the Implementation

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I had updated a Drupal site recently and do had faced some issues after successful update of the site. Upgrading a Drupal site is an effective way to make sure that your Drupal site is currently updated with all the latest security updates. Before performing any major changes on your Drupal site, remember to take a complete files and database backup of the site.

Follow the below steps to get an updated Drupal site:

  • Firstly we have to look out the sites available updates and status reports
  • Next look for the hacked module list in the site.

Hacked module means the modules which has been made changes and checking for the changes that can be updated to the new versions

To get the modules that are been hacked we have to first enable the hacked module and to get the difference of the changes in the version diff module should also be enabled.For enabling the modules we can use the following commands.

Enabling hacked module
drush dl hacked
drush en hacked

Enabling diff module
drush dl diff
drush en diff
  • After enabling the hacked module,see for the hacked list in reports-hacked list.
  • The modules which are been hacked will be listed with the unchanged modules.Hacked modules will have recommended version ,release note and the number of changed files.

Also using the command we can find the hacked module details

drush hacked-details module_name
  • Now check on the changes of the hacked modules and just click the changes with the new version
  • Before getting through ,please download the same version of the module which has hacks.check for the changes in the module files
  • We can check manually or use the meld software for the easy update
  • Look for the changes in the file.lists out the files hacked

If no files hacked is result, then update the same using the command

drush up module_name/file_name

If hacked details result changes

  • -check for the changes with version.
  • -Keep the changes patch if its required for the new version.
  • -Update the current module using the above command.
  • -Make the changes that you find standard for new drupal version behaviour.
  • -commit the updates

After the process carried for all the all hacked modules like the above ,run the database update script

drush updb

You can also run using the url/update.php

  • Checks for the database updates
  • Lists all the pending updates
  • Checks for any module file or library missings

Run the site after the above procedure done and check for the site performances.

Major Issues and fixing of the same during the Drupal update implementation

Database update finished.showed some files miss in the update

  • Mail chimp library file missing
  • XML site map not secure
  • htaccess permission error

The above issue can be fixed by the following

  • Added mail chimp library file in --sites/all/libraries/mailchimp
  • Run cron to make changes to XML site map
  • In .htaccess file made the changes with old version .htaccess

Admin menu theme style change after update

  • Issue can be fixed by changing the updates error and removing the cache and rebuild to the menu builder

Issue of web page alignment change after changing the .htaccess

  • Fixed the issue by changing the .htaccess to the origin path in the staging site

Issue found with the the admin menu showing vertically on any admin menu selection

  • Approached to disable the administrative views and clear all caches

Issue found with the the admin menu content --requested page "URL/#overlay=admin/content/node" could not be found

  • Issue fixed by enabling the overlay module , disable the administrative views and clearing caches