Drupal SEO

Drupal for your business: Why it is the best CMS for SEO?

An efficient online sales and branding strategy requires an attractive, professionally designed website. Your business website goes a long way in creating an impression on your customers and prospective buyers. In addition to sales, your corporate website should also convey the appropriate brand message across to your target audience. A combination of website aesthetics with higher search engine rankings is necessary for an excellent web strategy.

5 reasons why Drupal is the best CMS for building an SEO-friendly website

Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) plays a vital role in deciding the future of any business, especially online businesses. Search engine results are responsible for driving traffic to websites and the results which are displayed on the first page are the most attractive to users like us.

How to make your Drupal site rank better?

The World Wide Web is getting cluttered with numerous brands and products. In this scenario, how will you get search engines to favour your Drupal website? Search engines are obsessed with quality content and so your “content” is ultimately going to decide how well your website gets ranked in search engine results. Drupal is the best and most efficient platform for you to easily create and manage your content.

Test cases/checklists to check against while testing Global Redirect Module on a Drupal site

Global Redirect is a functional module which ensures the correct redirection of users to the alias of a given drupal path, thus avoiding duplicated content from multiple URLs. This is very important for SEO because otherwise search engines will see the same content at the Drupal path as well as at its alias causing it to believe that the site is duplicating content at two different URLs

Top 7 SEO mistakes found in Drupal sites

September 21, 2012 - 11:53

SEO is the bread and butter of any website and Drupal is no exception. The rules of SEO are pretty much the same in a Drupal as on any other CMS or plain HTML website but there are some SEO mistakes that are unique to Drupal like the ones found in our list of the Top 6 SEO mistakes found in Drupal sites. Also checkout the Top 6 SEO modules for Drupal to achieve even better Search Engine rankings. If you would like to ensure that all SEO aspects are taken care of in your Drupal site do get in touch with us

Top 6 SEO modules for Drupal

September 20, 2012 - 10:08

Drupal provides an extensive collection of community contributed modules that are specifically designed to make your Drupal website more visible to Search Engines. Although high quality relevant content is what ultimately decides your Drupal sites ranking in Search Engines, these modules allow you to further increase your chances of getting better rankings. Having had considerable experience in doing SEO on our own site we have identified the Top 6 SEO modules for a Drupal website. Also checkout the Top 6 Drupal modules for Drupal 6. If you are looking to get professional help to help SEO optimize your Drupal site do contact us. We can provide assistance in Drupal SEO and a wide range of other Drupal Services.