Drupal Modules

How to list, disable, enable multiple modules using drush commands

January 25, 2016 - 10:41

This article is about a few drush commands as well as Linux commands that helped ease my work at times while working on remote servers. Mostly while updating or upgrading. The need for bulk operations in drush is often never met except using complex Linux commands often involving 'sed'. Operations like disable all non-core modules, enable the disabled modules from a list, create a list of all core and non-core modules in use and so on.

[Drupal] How to test Pathauto module functionality in a Drupal website

When you test a Drupal website , most of the time you come across the task "Implement Pathauto module" in you website. So before you start testing, you have to build an idea of what is Pathauto module and how you can test it. Pathauto, as its name suggests automatically generates user friendly URLs. Pathauto depends on the core module path, which is used to rename URLs. So please go through the explanation below to understand it more precisely.

How to install and configure CiviCRM module in Drupal?

March 09, 2015 - 13:10

CiviCRM is an open source tool which provides a web-based interface for Constituent Relationship Management. The main advantage is that it could be coupled with the Drupal environment (or any other CMS) and used as a Relationship management tool. Using the functionalities we can handle the relationships with the people, households, organizations etc. It also help us to create events, make personalised campaigns, make contributions etc.

[Drupal] How to create a scroll bar for a drupal view using jscrollpane library and drupal scroll bar module

January 19, 2015 - 17:47

This article will be explaining how to add a scroll bar for a Drupal block.There are certain circumstances, where we need to add scroll bars with a block. If you come across this situation please go through the full article. I have faced a situation to add a scroll bar inside a Drupal block for displaying an article title along with content in a trimmed format. Drupal block already has options to display a number of items inside the block. But if we display all in a single block it will be a big block and is it was not our requirement. If we want to display a block with a particular height you can use the below ideas.

[Drupal] Boost Captcha - A Drupal module to allow Boost static page caching to work with Captcha

We have created and released a new module Boost Captcha to allow static page caching of pages with forms with captcha without running into the captcha session timeout errors. By helping boost cache more pages the module will allow for better performance without compromising on spam protection.

[Drupal] How to create a custom module in Drupal 7?

Drupal modules can be defined as a collective set of functions that can be used to create certain features. There are two sets of Drupal modules - 'Contributed modules' and 'custom modules'. Contributed modules are modules that are contributed by Drupal users for general use whereas modules which we create to achieve certain functions are called 'custom' modules. If you want to know how to create a module on your own in Drupal 7, you may read on.

[Drupal 6] [Ubercart] How to change the order status programmatically ?

One of our Drupal clients who had been using the Drupal Ubercart module had requested us to change the status of the order after a user completes the Ubercart checkout completion process. If you are facing the same situation with Ubercart in your Drupal site and would like to know how to change the order status programmatically then read on to find out the solution.

[Drupal 7] How to remove the default date format option added by date module?

On a recent Drupal project we had developed, we had to use the Drupal date module to display the date in a popup in a custom form. However we noticed that a date description was appearing on the form. If you are facing the same situation in your Drupal site then read on to know how to remove the default date format option added by the date module.

[Drupal 7] How to generate a PDF file from an HTML template using dompdf?

November 30, 2012 - 11:52

One of our clients requested us to come up with a Drupal based web application to generate a PDF file from an HTML template. The client's site which runs on Drupal 7 allows users to create envelopes based on the custom designs submitted by the user through that Drupal website. The online envelope editor uses an HTML template during the edit phase of the envelope and generates a PDF file of the sample template when the edit process is completed. If you are looking to know how to generate a PDF file from an HTML template using dompdf then read on.