Digital asset management

How to manage your digital assets with Drupal

February 16, 2017 - 15:15

Media companies on a daily basis create, manage and publish huge volumes of digital files or assets. These digital assets which include images, audios, videos, graphics, documentation etc need to be properly managed. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are solutions to store, organize, locate, retrieve and share these digital files. The management of these assets include workflows, complex asset access controls, preset standardizations, storage specifications.

Stay on top of your game: Managing digital content with Drupal

In this era of instant publishing, media organizations with a massive amount of assets such as photographs, PDFs, graphics and videos require the means to centrally store and process them in order to share them across multiple websites. Media companies have to manage and distribute relevant digital content across these multiple locations in the right size, with the appropriate titles and with the necessary copyright information.